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Who's First?

Some people always want to be first! Like first on the aircraft for that long awaited holiday trip to Spain (if only!); or first in the queue for the January Sales (or is that the all year round sales?); first to the bar after lockdown; first to the barbers when they finally re-opened, and so on! Even when you play a game, for example like table tennis, you play to win, to be first! When you play for a team, you want your team to be first - even though you know that sadly that won't always happen!

I guess that is just part of the nature of the human animal!?

Well, this week there has been a first of a completely different kind. For the first time in several months we were able to open the doors of the clubroom and allow members to come in to once again play indoor table tennis. Sure, at the moment, it is not quite as it was before March 2020, there isn't quite the same freedom we have previously experienced, but at least we are now open again!

So, maybe you would like to know who was first through the door to play again? I will let the pictures tell the story! And the great news is that over the first week a good number of our members have turned out to enjoy one of the new hourly slots. There is still plenty of availability so do go to the 'Booking' page of the website and find a slot! Don't worry if you are on your own. Book a slot, then ring up and ask if there is someone who can join you. We will do our very best to find a partner or a small group so that you can get playing. The most important thing is to get playing again, but please do everything you can to keep yourself and any others at the clubroom safe by following the guidance clearly displayed in the clubroom.

And, there has been more good news this week. For the first time since lockdown, the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League have been able to announce that they are now planning for the resumption of competitive league table tennis. With the hope that it will be possible to resume league play by the end of September. So, league players need to get practicing if you and your team are going to first!!

First through the door was Steve McCormick, quickly followed by Roy Caroll and Billy Dunleavy. As you will see, some even took the precaution of arriving with a face covering. Is always better to be safe than sorry!

Some of our club officials have also put in a real shift this week to ensure that the facilities are open and ready, and relevant guidance is followed. Many thanks to Keith Hardman and Chairman Bernard Cooney for going the extra mile.


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