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News Release - BSMTTC News 33
Dateline: 4 November 2015

A real treat -

as members celebrate!


There may not have been any actual fireworks at Marine on Wednesday 4 November, unless you count the bright, sparkling, explosive wit and companionship of the members of Bath Street Table Tennis Club gathered at Marine to celebrate two special birthdays. After all celebrate is definitely one thing that BSMTTC knows how to do particularly well.


The aim of the Club may be to promote and develop the sport of table tennis but what better way to do that than by ensuring that those who come to the club are made welcome and that there is a vibrant social atmosphere into which all are included. That was certainly clear on Wednesday when more than 30 members and guests gathered to play table tennis and celebrate.

The occasion was the joint celebration of the birthdays of long standing member Albert Parker and much newer member Julia Cornish. Albert, a runner-up in the Club singles tournament in 2013 and 2014, was celebrating his 80th birthday. Being a lady it wouldn’t be appropriate to say which birthday Julia was celebrating, suffice it to say she is 25 years younger than Albert!


The first part of the morning was spent enjoying a few friendly, fun games of table tennis. Nothing too serious, as the pictures and video clip will show, meanwhile Club Welfare officer Mary Delamere and her band of helpers were preparing for another match and set. The setting of the food table and the matching of appropriate fare with suitable drinks!

This short video clip introduces some of the members gathered for the big celebration and meets the birthday boy and girl. 

Club Social Secretary Colin Mitchell then introduced the main event welcoming members, guests and of course the birthday boy and girl. Some of what was said can be found in the video clip. After which the partying began, and continued well into the afternoon…..without doubt, I can say that everyone had a great time.

Above, birthday boy Albert, and at the back to his left, long time friend and next door neighbour Barbara Alcock, to his right Migs Morris and to his far right newest club member Doreen Smith. 


And below the birthday girl Julia in the centre with Liz Adams to the left and Val Delamere to the right.

Now this is more like it! Some of the party fare above, and below to the right, as Albert and Julia look on, Mary proudly places the birthday cake on the table so that the partying can begin.

And below, members pose for the group photo, with the birthday boy taking centre stage - but where is the birthday girl.........??

And for those who remained after the party, there was a very special treat. Two of the finest table tennis players in the UK visited the Club for some practice. For those whose table tennis is mainly ‘social’ it was a real treat to see Andrew Rushton (2006 Commonwealth Games silver medallist for England) and Ryan Jenkins (a Commonwealth Championships gold medal winner for Wales) in action showing just how fast and skilful table tennis at the highest level really is. Club Chairman Fred Bainbridge and Treasurer Ian McElwee even joined in with them for a few minutes – allowing a moment for a quick picture – before sitting back with other spectators to enjoy top quality table tennis close up. What a great end to a wonderful day. Perhaps we should say to Andrew and Ryan, many happy returns….. to Marine for some more exhibition table tennis please!

Club Chairman, Fred Bainbridge with England star Andrew Rushton (to his right) and Welsh star Ryan Jenkins to his left.


It was a rare treat indeed to be able to watch their skill and athletism.


Watch these stars demonstrate forehand, backhand and combination strokes below

Andrew & Ryan demonstrate forehand shots and below a combination of forehand and backhand.

Andrew & Ryan demonstrate backhand shots.

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