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News Release - BSMTTC News 63
Dateline: 29 April 2017

President Celebrates

Born on the 29 April 1932 Club President William Clayton is a legend in his own lifetime! It was fitting therefore that his 85th birthday should be marked by a celebration at the club on Wednesday 26 April attended by current members, the Club Chairman and Treasurer and the wife and daughter of the late Chairman, and one of the founding members of the Club, Peter Ross.

An amazing ambassador!


Billy was elected President of the Club in 2014. An honorary position recognizing Billy's standing amongst the club members and his long service to the club. You could say that Billy was made for this role. Over many years he has been a great ambassador for the club, has promoted the club at every opportunity and frequently been a welcoming figure to prospective new members. His presence and support on the social scene of the club has been an inspiration and it is incredible to find that on the league front he is still a feared opponent. His difficult style and funny bat often proving to be the ruin of many a player at his level. But in table tennis terms Billy has also graced the world stage, attending and playing in the World Veterans Championships on several occasions.

If ever you want to know anything about local table tennis in Liverpool in the post World War II era then Billy is your man. He has an amazing knowledge of local table tennis players and events over the years and loves nothing better than to share a story or two. And if that happened to be over a pint in the bar you would find Billy's welcoming grin even broader.

In his capacity as President of the Club Billy has also become an ever willing speaker and presenter at events whether it is a club member's birthday celebration at Marine or presenting trophies at a Club tournament. He has never been known to shirk his duties and always seems to have just the right words for the occasion.

The celebration of Billy's 85th birthday held at the club on Wednesday 26th April was a tremendous occasion. With many members and friends present as our video clip shows. It was fitting that Billy was presented with a birthday gift by his fellow senior club member, Don Gibson who celebrated his own 85th birthday at Marine last year. It's incredible that at this great age these gentlemen are still able to actively enjoy the sport of table tennis. Maybe their game isn't quite as quick these days, but the main thing is that they are still participating and still enjoying it.

All we can say is, many happy returns Billy - returns to the table tennis table that is!


Sporting his traditional and favourite jumper, Club President Billy Clayton has been an inspiration and encouragement to table tennis players over decades - and a mean competitor too!

Below - a video clip of some of the guests at Billy's party at Marine. Pictures taken by one of the club's newer members Mary Sefton.

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