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News Release - BSMTTC News 170
Dateline: 6 February 2024

Let's learn together!

Back in November we reported on a new initiative, the introduction of the first 'adult coaching' course at the club, led by one of our newly qualified coaches, Dave Aimson (pictured opposite). This was hugely successful, so by popular demand a new course was launched on the 25 January. This time a 7 week introductory course aimed at adults at the 'beginner' stage of a journey with table tennis. And it is fully subscribed!


Wanting to learn and improve

Thirteen club members signed on for this latest course, including four who are fairly new to the club - Genette Flynn, Bobby & Roy Blaire and Neil Burns. They all have one thing in common, a desire to learn and understand the basics of a game which they have found they can enjoy, which brings new friendships, some light general exercise, and a huge amount of fun! Not only do they want to learn and understand, they also want to improve their skills! This truly is one of the great things about the sport of table tennis, you are never too old to begin and never too old to learn and improve.


Dave is being assisted with the course by fellow session coach, Steve McCormick, and Club Treasurer, Ian Brownrigg has also been providing valuable support and encouragement. It may well be that none of the people on this course will ever play table tennis in the local 1st division, but there is no doubt that they will gain great enjoyment from working together and being able to join in such a fun sport. There are so many benefits of playing table tennis. It would not surprise this writer if there wasn't a call for another follow on course once this one ends! 

Here are just a few pictures from the first two sessions. It's great that the club can offer learning opportunities and coaching at both ends of the age spectrum, and that people of all ages are keen to take up the sport and learn the basics to make their experience of it more enjoyable. Well done to the coaches for making this possible. The course is free to club members! 

If you might be interested in a coaching course, or in becoming a coach, get in touch!


Above: Coach Dave Aimson who is leading the course, along with Coach Steve McCormick (left).

And below, Ian Brownrigg who is assisting the coaches and some of the participants on this latest adult coaching course.  

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