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News Release - BSMTTC News 34
Dateline: 9 November 2015

Time to say goodbye -

and hello!

It is always sad to say 'goodbye', but this week we have had to say goodbye to Micky White.


Micky joined the Club in 2013 when he came to Liverpool temporarily to work on the new dock project at the Seaforth container port. We were hoping his part of that project was never going to end! Initially he thought he would be with us just 1 year but that has become more than 2 years! But like all good things it has to come to an end sometime. And the part of the project that Micky has been involved in has now ended. Micky, who turned 29 in August, is moving with his firm to his next project which is in Leeds. We wish him all the very best with that, but sadly for us it means the loss of his services. Since first contacting the Club on arriving in this area Micky has been a constant team member of Dave Noden's F Team - being parachuted into the team midway through the 2013/14 season and helping the team to promotion from Division 4 in 2014/15. There is a short interview between Micky and his team captain Dave Noden below. 

Above - a short interview between Micky ad is team captain Dave Noden.


And to the right, Micky with team captain Dave Noden and substitute Miguel Monteiro for Mickey's final Liverpool league match on 9 Nov 2015 against Maghull B.



There was, however, to be no joy for Micky in his final league match. The F Team faced a very strong Maghull B, led by former club member John Langton, in this Division 3 encounter at Marine. And although all members of the F Team won 1 set each it was not enough, Maghull B running out 7:3 winners.

Of course we are sad to lose Micky, and always sad to lose a younger member of the Club, but there has been good news too! There have been new members who have joined us this year. Two of the newest have been Peter Ashley, also known as Vincent VanGough, who has become a regular face around the clubhouse. And, Micky has been replaced by another 'youngster' 26 year old Miguel Monteiro. Miguel who originates from Portugal, took up employment in the UK, after his Masters degree, with Crawfords and has recently moved to the Aintree factory and now lives in Liverpool City Centre. Thankfully for us, Miguel has decided to renew his interest in table tennis and is gradually getting back to his best after joining the club in September. We are really pleased to welcome both players who have strengthened our squad of league players. We have also welcomed new social members to the club and two new faces this year are Ian Brownrigg and Doreen Smith. 

Some of our new members; Peter Ashley, Doreen Smith & Miguel Monteiro.



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