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News Release - BSMTTC News 107
Dateline: 4 April 2020

World Table Tennis Day!

It seems strange that, at a time when almost all table tennis throughout the world has come to a virtual standstill as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic, that Monday, 6 April 2020, should be World Table Tennis Day! I suspect that only a few lucky people have the ability to continue to play table tennis whilst isolated at home! If you do have that facility, and need someone to deliver a food parcel, do let me know!! 

Table Tennis England published an article all about World Table Tennis Day with ideas for how we can all participate from home. Click on the picture, right, to view the full TTE article and ideas.

Timely Reminder 

The article comes as a timely reminder that table tennis is actually about far more than just playing the game. For, even in isolation, it can still be enjoyed. A couple of ideas are below.


To view the full article on World Table Tennis Day by TTE click on the picture above and follow the link, 

Ideas for Participation

The TTE article gives a number of ideas for ways in which you can watch table tennis on World Table Tennis Day, these are of course in addition to the obvious, which is simply to type table tennis into You Tube, and watch one of the many matches of top class table tennis that it will throw up! 

The article also served to remind me, that our club, is about far more than just playing table tennis. Even though I'm sure many long for the day when we can get together again, whether it is socially or just for a game or some more serious practice. It has been great keeping in touch with regular contacts by phone, video messenger, or even electronically through email, the Facebook page or the website. I would be interested to hear your experiences too! Despite the lock down, business still goes on - just! We have to keep our premises maintained and secure and the bills paid - especially at a time when our property manager, Keith Hardman, is marooned in New Zealand! Just as well he has family there! Maybe you have pictures or stories you can share.......??


Here are two opportunities for participation. For entertainment have a watch of the video below. It was shared with me from a certain well known Spanish Island holiday hot spot of the young a little while ago!  

If you would prefer something a little more sedate, but competitive, there are a number of good, free online table tennis games available. I quite enjoyed Table Tennis Pro, so I have shared a link to that here too! Enjoy! And I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Above - a video for entertainment! And below a game of table tennis that you may want to try. It is quite good to play! Click on the picture to play Table Tennis Pro!

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