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News Release - BSMTTC News 137
Dateline: 12 February 2022

End of the road!


It was the end of the road this week for the club's teams in the respective Divisional Cup competitions of the Liverpool League, It was semi-finals week and the club had just one team left in all of the competitions, Andy Armstrong's C Team in the Division 4 cup.


The team however faced the high flying, table topping, Crosby High C (Junior) team. Led by former Div 2 player, Roger Neal. As a Junior team they are allowed to play all of their matches at their home venue, so the match was staged across 2 tables at Crosby High School.

The match, played on Tuesday, also clashed with the Finals Night of the Southport League Closed Championships, resulting in both teams loosing, perhaps, their respective best player. In addition the visitors were hit by a 'covid' attack and were forced into a further last minute change of line-up.

Although it looked a potentially close match with the two top players absent, in the event, the juniors of the Crosby High side proved just too strong! They had all the shots and their was simply no stopping them! Steve Rees did his very best in the opening pair of matches where he faced Roger. In fact in the fifth end he had a clear 4 point advantage and looked on course for an outstanding win. But a series of 7 winning points from Roger, stole the game and the set. Neither Graham nor Mark could match the ferocity of power from young Josh Tomlinson and Andrew couldn't hold off Jack Savage either. At 4:0 down captain Andrew decided to call on the doubles match to see if something could be salvaged in pairs that didn't look achievable in singles. But Andrew & Steve were no match for Roger & Jack. The match was over.

The only consolation was that as a result of being played over two tables the match ended early. Allowing time for some to get to see the Men's Final of the Southport Closed - won by a junior! 

A tough night, with the visitors outclassed!


220208_Div4_Div Cup BSM C_204624.jpg
220208_Div4_DivCup_Crosby C_DSC04562A.jpg

The home side. Crosby High C (Junior), Toby McLoughlin, Josh Tomlinson, Roger Neal (Captain) and Jack Savage. 

220208_Div4_DivCup_BSM C_DSC04564A.jpg

The visitors. Bath Street Marine C, Graham Turner (sub), Mark Benson, Andrew Armstrong (Captain) and Steve Rees.

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