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News Release - BSMTTC News 50
Dateline: 7 October 2016

A time to remember

The Club was sad to learn of the recent passing of Beryl Matchett who was described by everyone as “a lovely lady and a good friend”. A number of members were able to attend the funeral service for Beryl at St Nicholas's Church this week.

Beryl has been a member at Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club for many years. In addition to her love of table tennis she also played ordinary tennis and liked to walk and ride her bicycle. Beryl met club members Barbara Alcock and Lil Randles at Sandheys Tennis Club and all 3 became regular members of Marine, and played together in the last all ladies Bath Street team in the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League in 2002. Indeed, Beryl had played in ladies teams over a number of years.

Beryl, who was 87 when she died, worked well into her 70’s as a dinner lady at a local school in Crosby where she was noted for her kindness. She often met up with former pupils who really appreciated that special quality as did her many friends at the table tennis club.

Club member Liz Adams, who also played with Beryl in an all ladies team, says of Beryl, “She was a lovely lady, very quiet but determined to win her games and was an asset to the team”.

Beryl, centre, at the Club Christmas party in December 2014 sitting with her friends Lil Randles, who played alongside Beryl in the Bath Street Ladies team, and Val Delamere.

Beryl, centre, with the last all ladies Bath Street team in 2002. Her friends Barbara and Mary, also in this line up, are still playing league table tennis at Bath Street.

Beryl continued to support and show an interest in the Club until her health prevented it. She was regularly visited by members and friends when she was no longer able to come to the Club.

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