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News Release - BSMTTC News 85
Dateline: 22 September 2018

Play your cards right!

Some say you can have a good night, if you play your cards right! That was certainly the case at the club's latest social evening on Friday 21 September at Marine. More than 50 members and guests gathered at Marine Social Club for an evening of fun and entertainment, hosted by Club Social Secretary Keith Hardman and piloted through on the night by Master of Ceremonies Bernard Cooney.


The Game Show, Play Your Cards Right, proved a popular feature with a £50 prize for the eventual winner. Club Chairman, Ian McElwee, grabbed himself a £10 prize in the bottle top bingo, expertly run by John & Grace Donnelly, and there were also prizes in the grand raffle and the late evening game of Irish Bingo. 

The first video clip below shows some of the guests who attended.


Event organizer Keith Hardman, right, with Master of Ceremonies Bernard Cooney, left, on the door as people arrived for the Friday Social. 

There was something for everyone at the September Social, maybe you can spot yourself in this video clip?

Fun and Games!

The Game Show, Play Your Cards Right, ran through the evening, and with no winners in the first two rounds the prize built up, finally becoming £50! It seems that table tennis players really struggle when it comes to deciding on higher or lower, they are more comfortable with 'straight'! The crowd did their best to encourage the contestants as did our very own Sir Bruce Forsyth, MC Bernard Cooney, but all to no avail until the very final game! Bottle top bingo was a lot simpler with the Club Chairman grabbing a prize in the very first game!


The video clip below has some pictures from the game show.  


On the left, the board for bottle top bingo, and on the right Club Chairman Ian McElwee with his winning board and his £10 prize!

Music too!

Our very own Su Young provided the background music for the evening, and encouraged the guests to put their names down for the karaoke! You can see some of the outcome of that in the extended clip below. Suffice it to say, there are those who might encourage our Social Secretary to change his party piece! But what is certain is that his rendition of 'Delilah' brought the house down! All credit to those who stepped up and took a turn at the mike. If only some could play table tennis just as well! 

Overall, it was a great evening of fun and entertainment, and the even better news is that it raised a brilliant £400 for the club property fund. We are just longing to spend this money on our new home!

A very big 'thank you' to the organizing team who you can see in the picture to the right, they really did a great job.  


What a team! The organizers of the latest social, from the left, Treasurer Ian Brownrigg, Master of Ceremonies Bernard Cooney, Social Secretary Keith Hardman, and photographer and 'Whats Ap' Manager, Mary Sefton. What a great job they did.

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