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News Release - BSMTTC News 53
Dateline: 26 November 2016

Happy Birthday Keith!

One of the facts about Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club is that it has been growing and thriving in its provision of daytime social table tennis. And the great news about this is that with more people coming regularly, there are even more excuses for a party! As well, of course, for some healthy gentle exercise, and a game or two of table tennis!

One of our newer members is Keith Hardman. And this week Keith celebrated with his new friends at Marine, his 65th birthday, which is actually today the 26th! 


Not only is Keith making new friends, he is learning new skills - never having played table tennis before. and this September for the very first time he is trying his hand at league table tennis in the 2016/17 season of the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League. It has not been easy! But Keith is learning all the time, has started going to an adults coaching session at the Club and is really enjoying this new found outlet.

So, happy birthday Keith. May there be very many more, and especially many more at Marine with the table tennis club. After all our President Billy Clayton, who spoke at Keith's party, is 85 and still going strong. So, with 20 more years to go at least Keith there is every chance of you establishing yourself as a league table tennis player.... and winning some games!

Birthday boy, Keith Hardman, celebrates his 65th birthday with a speech to friends at the table tennis club. on Wednesday 23rd November ahead of his birthday on the 26th.

And don't forget, it is not all partying at Marine. There is always opportunity to play table tennis; after all out hall is open to members 24/7 365 days a year! So no-one has to miss out. Below is a few pictures from the party on Wednesday 23rd, taken by our new club photographer Tom Bell.

Generally we save our picture competition until our end of year Newsletter, however the picture below was being shown at Migs party, and we thought you may like to share this little piece of nostalgia from some 40+ years ago. Taken in Crosby the picture includes two current lady members, both of whom were at Migs party. One is hard to spot, but she is the captain of one of our L&DTTL Teams, the other hasn't changed a bit! And can be seen in the clip above playing doubles. Can you name them?

Hi, I'm Mary

Hi, I'm Elaine

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