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News Release - BSMTTC News 75
Dateline: 15 January 2018

Members show their resolve!

Club Members met for a very important Special General Meeting last Friday, 12 January. to consider changes to the Club Constitution and to hear about exciting plans for development of the Club property. The importance of the occasion was clear from the fact that the room was full, with nearly half of the membership turning out.

Opening the meeting, Chairman Ian McElwee told members that this was probably the most important meeting the Club had ever held and thanked so many for attending. He went on to outline the first motion before the meeting, which involved proposals from the Club Management Committee for changes to the Constitution. Details of the changes had been circulated to members in advance and the Chairman explained that the purpose of them was to ensure that all members of the Club had an equal stake in the club, and that our formal governing document is consistent with the Club's present practice. After outlining the proposal the Chairman invited questions which were answered by the secretary Graham Turner, and the Chairman. Members eligible to vote on this motion voted unanimously in favour of the change. 

New Property Proposals

Using slides the Club Secretary, Graham Turner, gave details of what is happening in relation to the current club room, it is to be demolished and replaced with portable units for Marine AFC use only. However, the table tennis club has been offered space on the Marine site on which it could place its own unit to form a new club room.The presentation showed pictures of what the new club room would be like, and where it would be sited. Details were given of the estimated overall cost, and the funding needed to meet that cost. It is expected that around £45,000 will be needed in total. Heather Redhead, Sports Development Coordinator of Sefton Borough Council, spoke about the part SBC are playing in making a grant to the club and the support they are providing in relation to a funding bid to Sport England. Heather made clear that it was the local community aspect of the Club and the unique offering and opportunity it presented to the community that helped the club satisfy criteria fro a grant from SBC. The Secretary made it clear to members that they could not however totally expect others to pay for a club room for their use. So members were urged to make every effort to support the club's funds. After an extensive discussion and a number of very good questions from members the Chairman invited all members present to vote on the resolution to proceed to develop plans for a new club room on the Marine site. Members present voted unanimously to support the actions of the Management Committee and to support the Club to achieve its aims.


What was evident from the meeting was the enthusiasm and resolve of members to continue enjoying table tennis in the club's present location and to make the club's premises a friendly and welcoming environment for the local community. 

Below is a short video shown at the SGM and used as part of a funding bid, explaining the club's plight and the new property opportunity it has.

The short video clip below shows some pictures of the new portable unit on offer as the new club room and what potentially it can become after it has been refurbished and refitted for table tennis use

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