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News Release - BSMTTC News 113
Dateline: 12 September 2020

Expansion Plans Agreed!


At the first meeting of the new Club Management Committee, members considered and agreed plans for further expanding the opening times and activities of the club.


A summary of the Minutes of the first meeting can be found from the Club Info tab of this site and the short film below summarizes the main points affecting members. Do watch the film.


All activities are of course subject to ongoing restrictions imposed in response to the corona virus pandemic and may change should there be adverse developments in those restrictions.

Among the developments are the extension of opening hours to include evenings. The commencement of a 'Mini-League' to provide some limited competitive play and the appointment of an Adult Coaching Officer available to help any who wish to try and improve their play.

At the meeting all members of the Management Team were assigned roles for the coming year. But we still have room for more volunteers. At present to meet covid compliance requirements we need to manage daily activities and there is room for further volunteers to help with that. Also with the growing membership we are looking for individuals who would be prepared to undertake training to help with safeguarding and welfare issues. Any members who might be interested in helping in either of these ways should contact either the Club Secretary or the Club Chairman to discuss the matter. .

Club Treasurer, Ian Brownrigg, caught in the act of pinching a chocolate biscuit  at the first meeting of the new Club Management Committee.

And below the members of the club management committee, with the exception of Dave Noden, who was unwell on this occasion. From the right, Chairman Bernard Cooney, General Committee Members Keith Williams and Keith Hardman, Treasurer Ian Brownrigg, General Committee Members Jenny Givens, Lesley Blanchard and Ray O'Leary, and, just visible, Club Secretary, Graham Turner.


The short film below provides an important update on the club's activities. Please do take the time to watch and listen. 

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