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News Release - BSMTTC News 134
Dateline: 19 January 2022

What a surprise!


Club Social Secretary and Property Manager, Keith Hardman, was totally 'gobsmacked' on Tuesday, 18 January, when he was presented with a Pride of Table Tennis Award as Club Volunteer of the Year for 2021. In making the award, Table Tennis England say,


"Volunteering is extremely important to table tennis, and without the continuous support and commitment of volunteers we would not be able to continuously grow. to table tennis in the last 12 months. 


The Pride of Table Tennis Awards celebrate and honour the immense efforts of volunteers, for their incredible contributions to table tennis in the last 12 months. We are pleased to enclose Keith Hardman's certificate to present to him"


There is no doubt that Keith has worked tirelessly for the club since we acquired our new building in 2019, and especially so during the period of the pandemic, in helping to get our building open whenever possible and in ensuring that all of our members were kept safe when they visited the club.


We were also delighted that Club Chairman, Bernard Cooney, was able to come and hand over the certificate. This was Bernard's first visit to the club for a few weeks following his major surgery. Club Secretary, Graham Turner, introduced the award and what it meant, before totally surprising Keith by announcing that he was to be the recipient of it! The announcement met with spontaneous applause from the numerous members who had been able to gather, having heard on the 'grapevine' that a special presentation was to be made! 



Above - Club Chairman, Bernard Cooney, hands Keith his Pride of Table Tennis Award, watched by Club Secretary, Graham Turner. The surprise is clear to see on Keith's face! 

Invaluable contribution


Since joining the club just a few short years ago, Keith has really taken table tennis and the club to heart. He joined the Management Committee and has since become our Social Secretary, organising some great social occasions. When we acquired our new building in 2019 Keith volunteered to become our 'full time' (unpaid!) property manager and his work in this respect has been invaluable. Keith has also become a league team captain and manages the 'seniors' squad in division 5 of the local league.

Keith was asked what being a volunteer at Bath Street Marine TTC meant to hime, and the short video below records his reply.

Congratulations Keith this was a really well deserved award. 

220112_TTE_Club Vol of Yr_Keith Hardman 001.jpg
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