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News Release - BSMTTC News 172
Dateline: 9 March 2024

Top players shine!

With just 2 teams left in the Quarter Final of the Liverpool Table Tennis League, Frank Murphy Veterans Handicap Cup competition, it was time for the top players to stand tall and shine. And that is exactly what they did this week, despite handicap odds stacked against them. Here are the details of their Quarter Final matches.  



The first team in action this week was BSM 4 led by Colin Turner - who led the team that won the trophy last season. He was joined by his fellow 1st division teammates Lawrence Kenwright and Matthew Wilson. Their visitors to Marine were Arriva 3, an all division 5 line-up of Paul Heslin, Tony & Darren Harrison. Although the Arriva team are riding high in Div 5 of the Liverpool League there was no doubt that the balance of skills rested with the 1st division players. So the question was whether they could score enough points to make their massive handicap advantage of 196 points count in a match where the maximum number of points that can be won on the table is 378. It has to be said the BSM boys set about their task with real purpose. Working to take every single point they could. So much so, that by the end of set 6 they were just about level on points and used the remaining 3 sets to pull clear of the visitors. It has to be said that for their part the visitors put in their very best effort, but simply had no answer to the power of the division 1 players. In the end it was a clear win for the BSM team 344 points to 261. A good nights work for these top players.  

240305_VetsCup_BSM 4 v Arriva 3-WA0005.jpg

The picture features both teams. On the left the BSM 4 team of Lawrence Kenwright, Matthew Wilson & Colin Turner. Followed by the Arriva 3 squad, Paul Heslin, Jack Heslin, Darren Harrison, Tony Harrison and Team Captain Colin Williams. And above the match card.


With Team Captain Andy Armstrong still out of match action he could only watch on as his very strong BSM 5 team took on the 'Spice Girls' (as they called themselves), of Maghull 5. Andy included Keith Williams, Steve Green and Julian Quirk in his line-up, whilst the 'Spice Girls' fielded Susie Venner, Jasmine Carvath and Audrey McGing. The handicap difference once again reflected the different standards between the two sides, with the Maghull side starting with a 125 point advantage. But this meant that they still needed to score something like 253 points on the table from the 9 sets to get across the winning line, and against 1st division opponents this was going to be a tough ask. The ladies from Maghull were up for the fight though and really played their part to make a real match of it. However, the simple fact though was that the 1st division players had just that little bit more skill and experience. Such that, after 6 sets the BSM team had cleared the handicap deficit. The pattern continued for the last 3 sets with each one again being won by the BSM team so that by the end of the match it was the BSM team who were ahead by 345 points to 280. A decisive victory.

240307_VetsCup QF_BSM 5 v Maghull 5-215325.jpg

Above left, 'The Spice Girls - Maghull 5 - Susie Venner, Audrey McGing & Jasmine Carvath. Above the opening set of the night, Steve Green v Susie Venner, with the BSM team on the left and the Maghull team on the right of the table. And aside, the match scorecard. 

And in conclusion.......

Up next the semi-finals. And the good news is that the two BSM teams have not been drawn against each other. BSM 4 will be playing Merseyside Police 1 away, and BSM 5 will play at home against Maghull 4. These should be two cracking matches, both to be played in the week commencing 8 April. 

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