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News Release - BSMTTC News 165
Dateline: 25 November 2023

University Challenge

We were delighted to welcome a group of students from Edge Hill University Table Tennis Club to Marine this week. It was their first venture as a group for an external table tennis match and, not knowing anything of their standard, we chose our teens group to provide the opposition. And what an excellent evening of table tennis it was. 

Two matches were played simultaneously both 3-aside, and each comprising of 9 sets of table tennis - 6 singles and three doubles with each set being the best of 3 games and every game won counting as one point.

In the match between the two number 1 teams there was some excellent close table tennis, with six out of nine of the sets needing a decider. Henry Sinker, at number 1, was outstanding for the BSM boys winning both of his singles and both doubles that he was involved in. Marley Hazael playing at number 3 for the University also won his two singles. In the end it was the BSM boys, Henry, Scott French and Will Rice, who finished up ahead by 14pts to 10 or 6 sets to 3. A very good match.


The second match between the two number 2 teams, proved a little uneven. The BSM boys, Kai Morgan, Seb Rice and Myles Ambrose, proving a little too strong for their very worthy, but inexperienced, opponents. The result here was 18pts to 1 in favour of the BSM boys. This match left time for a quick round-robin of singles games involving all 6 players. In this Kai was the winner, taking both games played. Seb, Myles, Daniel & Matt all won 1 game, with Zaid at the bottom of the pile with no wins. 

It was a fun evening of table tennis with some good play by all - and a return fixture is definitely on the cards!

Below are a few pictures from the event.


The Edge Hill University 1 Team -
Andrew Kearney, Marley Hazael and Maciej Cuiklinski


The BSM 1 Team -
Will Rice, Scott French and Henry Sinker


The University 2 Team
Matt Akrigg, Daniel Henderson and Dr Zaid


The BSM 2 Team
Myles Ambrose, Seb Rice and Kai Morgan

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