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News Release - BSMTTC News 42
Dateline: 2 April 2016

Everyone's A Winner!

There could not be any greater contrast between Club newcomer Doreen Smith, an outright beginner at table tennis, and Club Social Secretary Colin Mitchell, who now plays table tennis for the Club in the second highest division of the Liverpool League. Yet both have found a home at Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club and enjoyed celebrating 'significant' birthdays with fellow club members at Marine last Wednesday, 30 March.


For both it was just one part of the celebrations marking these special occasions, but there is no doubting that the table tennis club know how to stage a good party. First of all the members enjoy a gentle game of table tennis, and this is the great thing; it doesn't matter whether you are an outright beginner like Doreen or a competent league regular like Colin. This Club is happy to cater for all. With a diverse range of members with a widely diverse range of table tennis skills, it is fair to say that Bath Street Marine TTC welcomes all comers!

Doreen Smith and Colin Mitchell celebrate 'significant' birthdays at Marine with their table tennis crowd. This Club certainly knows how to throw a good party! 

This poem written by Doreen's family was read out at the celebrations by one of Doreen's daughters.   

Food for thought....


Colin and Doreen had chosen the 30 March for their joint party as it conveniently fell between their respective birth dates and naturally both had other 'family' things arranged for the day itself. Between 25 and 30 members and guests gathered for the celebrations which started as usual for a Wednesday morning with a little bit of table tennis, with both tables being fully occupied for around an hour. Just before lunchtime, Club President Billy 'the Legend' Clayton called time on play so that the partying could begin. Cake and candles appeared, a hearty rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' was added and the green of the table tennis table was replaced with table cloths and a lovely spread of party food, and a little taste of appropriate liquid refreshment.


One of Doreen's daughters was also able to attend and read out a lovely poem that the family had writen for her birthday. Table tennis even gets a mention! You can see it in the picture aside.


All in all it was a great morning with gentle exercise, good humour, and a really great atmosphere. Happy Birthday Doreen and Colin. 

Doreen & Colin celebrated their respective 'significant' birthdays with friends at Bath Street Marine TTC as the clip below shows.    

And they do actually play table tennis too at Bath Street Marine TTC, of all standards. Daytime social table tennis has proved to be a most popular passtime at the club. Some of the 'action' from Wednesday 30 March 2016

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