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News Release - BSMTTC News 38
Dateline: 23 January 2016

Newcomers to the Fore

Growth, seems to be the key word when it comes to the social face of Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club!


It is absolutely true that table tennis is a sport for all ages and it is one that is particularly suitable for people slightly more mature in years as it can be played at any pace, and in particular at a pace to suit the players of whatever age or ability.


That is why it has been so encouraging to see in the last 12 months a considerable growth in the Club's social membership. People who just want to enjoy a light game of ping pong in a really friendly and sociable atmosphere.


New member, Val Cooper, celebrated her 21st birthday on the 15th Jan, actually she was just over 21 as you will be able to hear from the video clip on this page. But on Wednesday she chose to celebrate her birthday with her husband and new friends at the Bath Street Table Tennis Club. So, as in true Bath Street tradition, some gentle table tennis was followed by some delicious food.... and a small drink or two. It was a great morning.


Val and her husband Stan are two of a growing number who have joined the social side of the Club in recent times, in all 8 new members in this group in the last 12 months. However on the day of Val's party a young woman with her small baby visitied the Club for the first time too. She had played table tennis as a teenager and having heard about the Club thought she would come and have a look, introduced by one of her neighbours - who just happens to be a member! There is room for all at this table tennis club.

Val Cooper in action on the day of her birthday party at Marine (20 Jan). At the time she was playing doubles partnered by husband Stan. You should have seen the look when he didn't do so well missing a couple of shots! Some even suggested Val needed to find a new partner!! 

Val talks to Club Welfare Officer Mary Delamere about becoming a member of Bath Street Table Tennis Club.

And below, just a few of the other new faces that can be seen around the social table tennis side of Bath Street Table Tennis Club these days. Currently the two main 'social' sessions are Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from about 10:30am - 12:30pm. For more information either contact the Club Welfare Offcer Mary Delamere or Club Secretary Graham Turner; details for both can be found under 'contacts' in the website. 

Around the picture board; newboys Stan Cooper and Ian Brownrigg share a game of doubles. New member Gordon Benson reminisces with veteran member Albert Parker about the Liverpool League in the 1950's; Stan Cooper still smiling on wife Val's birthday party celebration, despite a below par performance in their game of mixed doubles! Ray O'Leary thinks a visit to Bath Street Table Tennis Club is as good as a trip to Paris anyday! In centre stage, new girl Doreen Smith - still trying to persuade her husband to come along to table tennis too! And finally Keith Hardman chats to Club No.1 Ken Jackson. 

And below, a short clip of Val with some of her friends at Marine on 20 Jan. See who you can spot? The clip includes 1 potential new recruit, a number of the 'newcomers' mentioned on this page, and perhaps even one future recruit......? Answers on a postcard please.

Pictures courtesy of our correspondent Albert  Parker.

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