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News Release - BSMTTC News 45
Dateline: 21 May 2016

A great night out!

Ricky Gleeson and his band the Silhouettes provided the perfect end to a very busy month at Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club. The occasion, the Club end of season social finalising what has been a hectic month. Wednesday was the occasion of the Veterans Cup Final, featuring a Bath Street team, Thursday the Club Annual General Meeting, and on Friday around 60 members and their guests gathered at Marine for a great night of food and fun. 

The evening was introduced by Master of Ceremonies, Club Member Colin Mitchell, the music was provided by the band with a mixture of rock and roll and  sounds of the 60's, 70's and 80's, there was a great buffet meal with plenty of choice, the traditonal game of Irish bingo - won by the President's wife Sarah Clayton, even if there were some questions about exactly how! And a grand prize draw with so many prizes some thought it was never going to end! And of course the bar was well and truly open. 

Look at these delicious desserts, they topped of an excellent buffet meal which included steak and ale pie, chicken tikka or vegetarian lasagne. With plenty to go round no one went hungry.

Ricky Gleeson and the Silhoettes were the star turn at the Club Social evening; making a welcome return visit and once again giving a great night of music and dancing. 

They know how to party


Some may question the ability of members of Bath Street Marine TTC as far as table tennis is concerned, but when it comes to having a great time, they really know how to do it! From the moment the music started members were on the dance floor, immediately led off by Liz Adams and John Moore and others very quickly followed. The food was excellent with a choice of 3 main dishes, including a vegetarian option, together with potatoes, salad and bread, followed by a choice of delicious desserts with lashings of cream. And of course with plenty of liquid available to wash it down the taste was even more delicious.


There were some serious questions about the way in which some participants played the traditional game of irish Bingo, but in the end the cash prize was donated to support the club! With plenty of prizes in the raffle ranging from the usual bottles of wine to sumptuous body cream products many were able to go home with an unexpected gift.


There is no doubt a great time was had by all who attended and the picture collection below tells, we hope, its own story of just what a great club Bath Street Marine is to be part of. 

Click on the link below for a selection of pictures from the social evening provided by our resident photographers the Albert Parker and Tom Bell Studios. It was great to see Lil Randles and our newest octogenarian Brian Crolley both in fine shape. Also good to see a number of our newer members at the event, and even two of our youngest members Sam Pierce (20) and Miguel Monteiro (26). Bath Street is a Club for all ages and genders and provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any that come to join us. We even play a bit of table tennis - the club room is open 7 days a week to members.  

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