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News Release - BSMTTC News 126
Dateline: 6 September 2021

Return To The Table


As part of a campaign by Table Tennis England, to encourage people back to playing table tennis following the restrictions of the corona virus pandemic, the Club opened its doors at the weekend to invite anyone from the local community to come and take a look, try some table tennis and generally see what is on offer at the club.

And what a great weekend it proved to be! More than 75 people visited the club with a large number visiting for the first time. Club members and the management team were on hand to welcome visitors and encourage them to have a go. Families found challenging the robot great fun, and others enjoyed ping pong Caribbean style!


Already we are seeing outcomes from this initiative. 3 former members, who thought their playing days were done because of covid, have decided to re-start playing, 3 juniors attended junior coaching for the first time after visiting the club at the weekend, and at least 2 adults have indicated a desire to become club members. 


The youngest visitor to try her hand with a bat, was just 2 years old!!  



Sport for All

The whole weekend proved once again that table tennis truly is a sport for all. good fun, very sociable and easy to get started.

Below a selection of pictures from the weekend. A shorter version of these films was published on our Facebook page #BSMTTC , do watch again, maybe you will see someone you know!

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