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News Release - BSMTTC News 168
Dateline: 8 January 2024

New Year - New Venture!

It It is great to be able to start the year with the announcement of a new venture which began at Marine this first weekend in the New Year.


Before Christmas we gave news on the club Facebook page of a new junior venture, being led by the Liverpool & District League. The first session of this new venture took place at Marine on Sunday 7th. The Liverpool Junior Development Squad brings together juniors from across Liverpool who are keen to develop their talents and offer themselves to represent Liverpool at future dates in representative competition. At present places are limited by available table space. So the first 12 selected candidates met for the first time on Sunday, under the careful leadership of Coach Paul Hutchings (Liverpool League Match Secretary), Paul was assisted by our own James Haskell and Andy Armstrong and several senior players also came to help to act as 'feeders'.

The initial 12 juniors came from Maghull, Bath Street & Anfield clubs, divided into two sessions each of 1.5 hours. There is no doubt that all who attended were determined to give full commitment to this opportunity. One of the coaches saying after the session "wanted to let you know how impressed I was tonight with how hard the juniors worked. To give you an idea, apart from two 2min drink breaks per group the juniors were on the table non stop doing some hard drills throughout the session. All of them were working hard, listening and adapting to any feedback given by any of the adults and you could see an improvement in all of them by the end of the night."

Positive feedback from parents confirmed that those taking part had really enjoyed the sessions.

What a great start to a new venture. The aim will be to build on this positive start and enhance the development of any juniors who have the privilege of joining the Development Squad. We hope that it will be possible to add to the number in future.


Here are a couple of pictures from the first two sessions of the Junior Development Squad.

In the first picture, Coach Paul Hutchings introduces the session to Shamal Harave, Keshav Harave, Myles Ambrose, Kai Morgan & Isaac Richman.

In the second picture, Henry Sinker, Scott French, Ivan Maksym, Owen Millar, Adwin George and  Aldrin George are joined by Coach Paul and some of the senior players who acted as feeders for the juniors.

A tremendous evening of junior table tennis and great to see this new initiative get off the ground with such a positive start.


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