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News Release - BSMTTC News 55
Dateline: 5 January 2017

Comings and Goings

First, Happy New Year everyone.

We have been blessed in recent years at Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club by a regular influx of new members. But as people have come, so some have gone too. And right now we are sorry to see the departure of one of our newer members.

Just over 2 years ago Julia Cornish moved to Liverpool from Sussex to support her daughter in college education. In the short time that she has been here she has become an integral member of our social table tennis scene, become a highly-valued member of our division 5 league teams, helped our G Team as it was then, gain promotion to division 4 last season, reached the semi-final of the L&DTTL Veterans Handicap Cup competition with her team, and won the Singles Plate at the Club Tournament in May 2016 as well as a runner-up medal in the doubles at that event. Julia has been an excellent club member throughout her all too brief period here and we shall be truly sorry to see her go.

In telling her own story, Julia says, “two years ago I walked into Marine Table Tennis Club, the only person there at the time, and to greet me was Albert (Albert Parker one of most senior members). I felt lost and like a fish out of water, but Albert made me feel welcome and within a short space of time I was introduced to many other members that walked into the room that day. As the months went on I got to know them all quite well and they became like a second family to me. It was a lot different to what I had been used to, which was a quiet club with few members. So, I was surprised at how many people there were.”

Julia Cornish has been a valued regular at the Club since the autumn of 2014 when she moved to Liverpool.

Julia came to Liverpool from a small village in West Sussex having retired early from her career. She says it had always been in the back of her mind to go back. One of the main reasons for coming to Liverpool was to support her daughter, Mikayla’s, education. That has now finished and Mikayla is working full time, and very happy, in the south west of the country. Julia’s son Robert also lives and works down on the south coast. With family and old friends all in the south of England Julia has taken the decision to move back south to join them, and will be moving to Worthing.


In philosophic mood Julia says, “I wanted to reflect on how my life has changed, how people sometimes change and despite what is thrown at you most of us come out better the other side. From my pictures below you will see how I looked 25years ago, the age lines I didn't have then are now showing, but the perception I have of myself hasn’t changed, and regardless of everything I  still feel the same as I did back then despite the paths I have taken along the way. I wonder how many others think the same?”

Pictures provided by Julia herself, from her very personal portfolio, illustrating her reflective mood in the paragraph above.

The beauty of the pictures reflects the beauty of the character that Julia brought to the Club.

Sadly, for us, the time has now come for Julia to move on. Julia says, “in the time I have lived here I have had both happy and sad times, I have met a lot of new people and made new friends, I shall miss you all. I have enjoyed the company that people at Marine have given me, and I thank you all for your support. As I go, others will arrive and will also get a warm welcome from you all. Marine is the happiest, friendliest and best club I have ever been a member of”.


Julia ends her message saying, “I wish you all the best for the future and I know I will miss you and the care you showed me. Please all support your club and if you have been reading any club blogs lately, like I have, you will know there is a new internet search engine called “Easy Search” which can raise funds for your club just by using it and it is free with no catches! Goodbye and good luck everyone, best wishes for 2017. I’m sorry to leave you all but if anyone wants to keep in touch please ask, I'd like that...”


We really appreciate every contribution you have made to the Club Julia since you have been here, and we will all be very sorry to see you go……..but we wish you all the very best for the future.

Julia has been a very useful and successful player in her short period at the Club, here are a few reminders.

1. As a young girl Julia was taught table tennis by her Dad, the Cranleigh Coach Derek Rust.

2. Julia being presented with her winners medal by Club President Billy Clayton for success in the Plate competition at the Club Tournament in May 2016.

3. Julia with Liz Adams who she beat in the final of the Club Tournament.

4. Julia with Ilona Kuznik and their runners-up medals for the doubles event at the 2016 Club Tournament.

5. Julia reached the semi finals of the L&DTTL Veterans Handicap Cup with her team members Ian and Graham in the 2015/16 competition. They only just lost out to another club team pictured to Julia's right.

6. Julia with members of her F Team in their new Club T Shirts at the start of the 2016/17 season. The team will desperately miss her as she was the most successful member so far in league action this season.

7. Julia and Barbara Alcock, playing social doubles at Marine.

8. Julia was the winner with her partner Graham Turner of the fun doubles at the 2016 Christmas social.


With a very real interest in people Julia also proved to be a popular regular on the Club's social scene. So here are a few snaps which reflect both her interest in people and her sense of fun!

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