BSM TTC -Information about the Club -Who Should I Contact?

This page gives details of the main Officers of the Club that you can contact. It also gives a brief description of their functions. For general enquiries or if you are in doubt contact the Club Secretary. All Officers of the Club are elected annually by the members in General Meeting.

Graham Turner, 5 General Drive, West Derby, Liverpool L12 4ZB Tele: 0151 220 9926 or 07771 698015
e-mail: Graham T 


All general enquiries about the Club, its facilities, activities, administration, membership and development. Organisation and operation of the Club's teams in the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League.

Ian Brownrigg, 25 Myrtle Grove, Waterloo L22 2AG  Tele: 0151 928 4536
e-mail: Ian Brownrigg

 All enquiries on financial matters, fees and subscriptions, the accounts, advertising and sponsorship.

Keith Hardman, 4 Mayfair Avenue, Crosby L23 2TL  Tele: 0151 476 9029 or 07444 716813
e-mail: Keith Hardman
 Organisation of Club social and fund raising events including the annual dinner.. And also property management.
Ian McElwee, 5 Wasdale Avenue, Maghull L31 9DN Tele: 0151 531 0236
e-mail: Ian McElwee 
Adult coaching is available at Marine by arrangement.
Mary Delamere, 51 Brooke Road East, Waterloo L22 2AN Tele: 0151 928 9874 or 07974 805841
e-mail: Mary Delamere 
All welfare, safeguarding and health and safety issues. The Club applies the welfare policies of Table Tennis England
Lesley Blanchard, Rowallan, 14 Park Drive, Blundellsand L23 6TW Tele: 0151 924 1377 or 07535 445920
e-mail: Lesley Blanchard
Organising the club tournament - the Ron Georgeson Memorial Trophy.
Jenny Givens, Apt 9 Dover Point, 2A Liverpool Road, Birkdale PR8 4AU Tele: 07568 315892
e-mail: Jenny Givens
Organising, with the General Secretary, the fixtures of the Club's teams in the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League and associated cup competitions.
Bernard Cooney, 90 Seaforth Road, Seaforth L21 4LG Tele: 07773 913312
e-mail: Bernard Cooney
As Chairman of the Club, Bernard may be contacted about any issue involving the Club. 
Barry Davis, 52 Burlington Avenue, Formby L37 8DZ Tele: 01704 870111
e-mail: Barry Davis  
The only role of the auditor is the annual audit of the club books and accounts.
The auditor is elected annually by the members and is independent of the management of the club. He may be contacted over any matter of concern regarding the Club's finances or financial position.
William Clayton, 20 Laurel Grove, Waterloo L22 9AF Tele: 0151 928 1295
e-mail: None
The role of President is an honorary one.  
In addition to its Officers the Club has up to 6 General Management Committee members. Any may be contacted about the Club. Currently they are:


Mary Delamere - - see Welfare Officer


                        e-mail: Welfare Officer
Keith Hardman (Property Maintenance & Health & Safety Officer), 4 Mayfair Avenue, Crosby L23 2TL
                         Tele:0151 476 9029 or 07444 716813 email: Keith Hardman
Des Logan, (Junior Liaison & Assistant Property & H&S Officer) 1 Pine Grove, Waterloo, L22 2AQ
                       Tele:0151 949 0811 e-mail: Des Logan
Lesley Blanchard, (Assistant Social Secretary, Housekeeping & Tournament Director)
                               Rowallan, 14 Park Drive, Blundellsands, L23 6TW
                               Tele:0151 924 1377 or 07535 445920  e-mail: Lesley Blanchard
Doreen Smith - (Property Project Team) 10 Holden Road, Brighton-Le-Sands L22 6QE. Tele:07877 242235
                          e-mail: Doreen Smith
Jenny Givens, (Assistant Treasurer & Secretary); Apt 9 Dover Point, 2A Liverpool Road, Birkdale PR8 4AU                           Tele: 07568 315892  e-mail: Jenny Givens

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