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News Release - BSMTTC News 51
Dateline: 15 October 2016

Cup Action

This week has seen the 1st round of the respective Divisional Cup competitions of the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League. There is a separate Divisional Cup competition for each of the 5 Divisions of the League. The competition is a straight knock out competition with each match played on a similar basis and format to a standard league match. The first team to win 5 sets wins the match. So, in theory the best team in each division ought to win the respective cups!


All 8 of the Club's teams are in their respective competitions but only 4 teams were in action in Round 1. The other 4 teams, the 1st Team in Div 1, the B Team in Div 2, the D Team in Div 3 and the E Team in Div 4, all receiving a 'bye' in the 1st Round.

Bath Street F Team in Cup action this week. Old pals Tony Bramham and Tommy Bell, surrounding team captain Mary Delamere and Julia Cornish

The Stamp Cup (Division 5)


The week started with the F Team, captained by Mary Delamere, in action against Arriva North West B. In the league just a week or so earlier the F Team had managed a very creditable draw, so the match had the potential to be quite close, albeit that the F Team didn't have the same No.1 playing for this match. After 4 sets the match was finely poised at 2 sets all. Julia taking a 3 straight win over the visiting No.3 and Mary fighting all the way for a fine 5 game win over the visiting No.4. If only the men could have matched this fighting spirit. For Tony & Tom at the moment the 'old pals act' doesn't seem to be helping them pull out a win. It looked as if Julia might claw the team back into the match against the visiting No.1 but after narrowly slipping 2:1 behind, injury struck in game 4 which just gave the visitor the edge. Arriva wrapped up the match in the next set giving the visitors a 2:5 victory.

The Rumjahn Cup (Division 2)


Tuesday saw the A Team of Ricky Brown (Captain), Fred Bainbridge and Ian McElwee in action in the Division 2 Cup against the very strong Crosby High B, currently top of the division. But the Bath Street team are a very experienced side at this level and former division 1 regular Fred was in no mood to give the visitors an easy ride. Indeed, he fair raced through his 3 singles, with just the visiting no.1 providing a moment of brief resistance. Not such a good night for Ian who just lost out in 5 ends against the visiting No.2. The match was however secured for Bath Street by the captain winning his second singles of the night to give the home side an excellent 5:3 victory. They will be a tough side for anyone to face in this division if all three players can stay fit and play.

The Hyde Cup (Division 3)


Wednesday was the turn of the C Team, of Brian Crolley (Captain), Andy Cheung and Mal Kent, to visit Wavertree Labour to face their C Team in the Division 3 Cup. Brian's team have had a tough start in their league campaign this season so may have approached this match with little expectation. But what a great match it proved to be. Hero of the match was Mal Kent who won in style his 3 singles, Andy chipped in with 2 singles. For once all of the close matches went the way of the visitors. 3 sets went the distance and in each it was the Bath Street player who triumphed deep into the fifth end. What can you say of the captain? In making the right calls at the right time he was absolutely spot on! A brilliant result to win the match by a handsome 2:5 score line.

Bath Street C team, Mal Kent, Brian Crolley (Captain) and the Chinese Champion Andy Cheung, in their Div Cup match on Wednesday 12 October at Wavertree Labour.

The Stamp Cup (Division 5)


Last in action this week was the Bath Street G Team drawn at home in the Division 5 cup against Sefton Park E, who they had already faced in a very close league match in the first week of the season. however, it seems that the visitors came with a very different outcome in mind on this occasion. Despite a big effort by team captain Des Logan, and his grandson Euan Mason, who at least managed to win an odd game, the visitors were totally dominant and raced through the first five sets for a clear and decisive 0:5 victory.

So, just 4 matches played, 2 wins and 2 defeats. Unfortunately the 2 defeats mean the Club is eliminated from the Stamp cup. But at least we still have places in 4 out of 5 of the cup competitions.

Members of the Bath Street G team in Divisional Cup action on Friday 14 October. Euan Mason (nearly 13), Billy Clayton (84!), Liz Adams and Des Logan (Captain). A little surprising to see Club President Billy not wearing his official club T shirt!

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