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News Release - BSMTTC News 130
Dateline: 4 December 2021

Schools in!


Seventy two year 10 students visited the club this week, over two days, for a table tennis taster session. The majority of the visitors had little prior knowledge of table tennis but all had been given the opportunity to try an 'alternative' sport, and table tennis was one of those chosen.  

Great opportunity


The students were all from the Holy Family Catholic High School, Thornton, and the activities had been organised by PE Teacher, Katie Swan. With such a large group, each smaller group had approximately 1 hour of table time. Just enough for a mini tournament on each table. Together, of course, with a few minutes of added fun at the end of each session with some 'knock out' round the world! Several club members were able to attend each day to ensure that each table could run smoothly. It was great for the club to be able to provide this opportunity to try table tennis to students from our own local community.

There was no doubt that a few of the students showed a real aptitude for the game, so who knows, maybe this taster session will provide the spark of interest for table tennis to become more of a main sport rather than an 'alternative' sport?

Here's just a few snaps of some of the groups who attended, it shows something of the diversity of the group that had at least a taster of table tennis!

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