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News Release - BSMTTC News 78
Dateline: 14 April 2018

Simply Amazing!

It is amazing that for the third time in 5 seasons there will be two teams from Bath Street Marine TTC playing in the final of the L&DTTL Frank Murphy Veterans Handicap Cup and that final is likely to be on Tuesday 8 May 2018 at Marine. It is even more remarkable that for 7 consecutive seasons, up to and including 2017/18, BSMTTC has had a team in the final of this competition winning the trophy 5 times.


This has come about because this week 3 teams from Marine featured in the semi-finals of the 2017/18 Frank Murphy Cup with both matches held at Marine. First up, on Monday, was Dave Noden's BSM 5 Team. Dave's team included his regular L&DTTL Division 3 line-up of Darren Taylor, Ted Cramsie and himself. They faced a stern test, in what could be billed as a 'local derby', from the boys of Waterloo; three very experienced players in the form of David Regan and Tony McDonald (reacquainted after 30 years who used to play in the same football team!) and captain Peter Roberts, from a division lower but with the very significant advantage of a handicap start of 142 points.

Above, the two teams, on the left the Visitors, Waterloo - David Regan, Tony McDonald and Peter Roberts. On the right, the Home Team, Darren Taylor, Ted Cramsie & Dave Noden.

Keen contest

A really keenly contested match ensued. Being the slightly higher ranked side there was always going to be the likelihood that the home side could win the games, but could they score enough points to clear the handicap deficit? In order to succeed the h0me team would have to restrict the visitors to no more than 14 points in each and every game. A tall order, but the facts show they really worked at their task such that by the end of the 7th set the deficit had been cleared. Every member of the team contributed with very little separating their respective efforts. Team captain Dave says there was a "vintage performance from Ted, and battling support from Darren and Dave"; but it is fair to say that all 3 showed their steely qualities and experience to overcome the odds. In the end it was a clear victory with a 48 point margin. No wonder the captain was 'well chuffed' with the outcome. This year may well be Darren's fourth appearance in the final in 7 seasons, a remarkable achievement.

Cup Derby

With 3 teams in the semi-final, one match would of course be a derby. And what a match this was set to be! Barry Davis, himself a winning finalist in this competition on 2 previous occasions in 7 seasons, leading a BSM 6 Team of Matt Wilson, Colin Turner and himself into action against Andrew Armstrong's BSM 3 Team of Keith Williams (returning after missing out in the Quarter Final), Dave Roberts, in for Ian McElwee who was unavailable to play on the night, and himself. And the visitors would start with a 64 point advantage, thanks to the fairly generous handicap for Andrew! This would be a real chance for Barry's team, currently riding high in Division 2 and looking set for the top flight for next season, to test themselves against two very experienced Division 1 players in the form of Keith & Dave. These games looked as if they would be close, so the test was likely to be could the 3 Division 2 players get enough points from Andrew to clear the deficit?

A really hard fought match followed, with each team winning 9 games. As expected the 3 Div 2 players took all the games from Andrew, but not without a fight. Colin turned in an excellent win over the higher ranked Dave Roberts and Dave also had to be content to share the honours with Barry. In the end however the wins for Barry's team were only enough to claw back 15 of the needed 64 points handicap advantage with Keith's 6 singles wins for Andrew's side proving decisive to give the BSM 3 team a 49 point victory. A match worthy of the final with some really top class table tennis.

Above on the left, the BSM 6 team of Matt Wilson, Colin Tunrer and Barry Davis; and on the right the BSM 3 team of Keith Williams, Andrew Armstrong and Dave Roberts. And below right the match score card showing just how close this match was.    


So, overall an excellent semi-final round and once again 2 Bath Street teams into the final. Large crowd expected!

All the results were:

​BSM 5 428 pts v Waterloo 380 pts

BSM 6 289 pts v BSM 3 338 pts

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