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News Release - BSMTTC News 158
Dateline: 24 June 2023

Junior Player Rewarded


For the second time a junior player from the club has been recognised by the Liverpool League as having made significant improvement over the course of a league season. Each season the League makes a special award to the 'most improved player' of each league division. Not an easy task to choose from so many worthy players. For the season 2021/22, Henry Sinker was rewarded as the most improved player in Div 5. For 2022/23 14 year old Isobel Boyd has been rewarded as the most improved player in Div 4. 


Great achievement


2022/23 was Isobel's first year of league table tennis. And she came straight in at Div 4 level. Izzy played as part of the Junior Team which last season gained promotion from Div 5 to 4, so, because the junior team was in 4, she had to start in 4! None of our juniors found playing in Div 4 easy this season! In the first half of the season, Izzy played in 6 matches - winning just 1 set! A very tough introduction! In the second half ofthe season she also played 6 matches. This time picking up 7 sets including 3 maximums. 


Izzy also made some very important contributions to the teams doubles performances - and it has to be said that doubles probably wasn't Izzy's favourite part of the match! Surely the highlight was a magnificent effort against Wavertree Labour D, who finished in the top 3 of the division, against seasoned players Terry Jones and Steve Johnson, Izzy helped pull the set back from 2:0 down to go on and take the set 3:2. Doubles is a real team game and both players need to perform well for such an achievement, especially against very difficult players. 


There was no doubting Isobel's improvement over the season, and it was great to see that improvement recognised by the League and rewarded at the League AGM. Well deserved. The only slight sadness, is that Izzy won't be joining the team for the next season, having decided to take a transfer to a new club. We wish her well. 

230624_Izzy Boyd_Div 4 most imp player.jpg

To the left, Isobel with her certificate of recognition from the Liverpool League, for the most improved player in Div 4 for the 2022/23 season.

And below a few pictures of Izzy in action during the season and with her junior team mates.

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