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News Release - BSMTTC News 143
Dateline: 18 June 2022

Great Opportunity!


What a great opportunity! Through its association with Sefton Children's University, the Club was recently invited to do a 6 week after school club introducing table tennis. The invitation was from Lander Road Primary School in Litherland, who invited the club to run the programme for their Year 5 pupils. 14 children took part, 7 boys and 7 girls, and what a fantastic time was had by all!   

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The programme was led by Jenny Givens and Ian Brownrigg who had trained as Activators for the Table Tennis England TTKidz programme.  The 6 week course, broadly based on the TTKidz for schools approach to introducing table tennis, was run over the spring term between Easter and the spring term bank holiday at the end of May. Ian and Jenny were ably assisted by Dave Aimson, Lesley Blanchard, Bob Wolstenholme and Club Secretary, Graham Turner.

The whole programme was organised through the school's Senior Assistant Headteacher, Yvonne Dineley, who said at the end of the course, "We loved the club and wish you could stay for longer! It is such a different sport for pupils to try and so inclusive". Each session was strongly supported by a member of the school staff. 

All of the children were introduced to basic forehand and backhand strokes as well as how to serve, how to hold the bat and how to stand in a ready position. The school even purchased in 2 additional fold away tables especially for the programme to add to their existing table. Full use was made of all of the school hall space available, both on and off the table tennis tables. During the course of the programme, Lesley chatted with the children to get their feedback on what they thought of it. Lesley says, "after speaking to a number of the children involved in the programme we have found them enthusiastic and eager to learn the basics of table tennis. They have all enjoyed the coaching and the majority have shown definite improvement. The fun of 'last man standing' was enjoyed by all and was a very popular way of finishing off sessions. Most of the children expressed a positive  interest in continuing theit introduction to table tennis, and thought it was great fun!"

Each week the  team tried to include as many 'fun' activities in the programme as possible, usually ending the afternoon with a raucous game involving everyone.


At the end of the programme the team were invited to attend a school assembly to recognise those who had taken part in the after school activity. Ian & Jenny were able to attend and presented certificates of participation to all who took part.


The school is now planning how it can continue and build on this starter programme for the future.

It was a great opportunity to enthuse children in the sport of table tennis. Everyone had a really good time with the team often going home tired after a hectic afternoon of hyper activity! Below is a picture of the children receiving their certificates from Ian and Jenny.


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