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News Release 
Dateline: 6 June 2015
You can spot the happy lucky winner, Joan, in the centre at the back of this picture.

Tom's lucky night! 


For Tom Bell it seemed that Friday the 5 June was his lucky night! The occasion was the Club social at Marine which proved to be a great evening of music, dancing and eating. But for Tom, it was even better!


The evening started with the traditional game of Irish Bingo led by our very own Master of Ceremonies Colin Mitchell. And who won the cash prize of £25? Why, of course, it was Tom – or rather his wife Joan. A very good start.


Tom and his guests also won some great prizes in the grand prize draw which featured part way through the evening. But that was by no means the end of it for Tom. During a short interlude the members present were reminded of the works being done to repair the club’s playing room under the leadership of Club Chairman Fred Bainbridge. Tom was then called to the front! Club Secretary, Graham Turner, paid tribute to the work that Fred and master carpenter Tom had done in carrying out the major repair work needed to the floor of the playing room. Works which the Club could not have done itself without Tom’s carpentry skills. The Club wanted to acknowledge and recognise the fantastic job done, presenting Tom with a bottle of his favourite whiskey to take home to complete his night!

Around 60 members and their guests enjoyed another very successful social evening, great food, great company and great entertainment provided by the band of Ricky Gleeson and the Silhouettes. You may just get a flavour of the enjoyment from the short video clip – you may even spot prize winner Joan!

Not only did members and their guests enjoy another great social evening, but the event also made a contribution to the club's funds.  And, as a result of the hard work of Tom and Fred and their supporting crew - including those who made the tea and provided the refreshments, members now have a greatly improved playing room. Some of the pictures below show the extent of the work that had to be done, and there are a few more pictures from the social evening. All of which proves what a great atmosphere exists within the club with members working together to have fun and ensure that table tennis remains available to all members 7 days a week.

Dancing the night away to the sounds of Ricky Gleeson and the Silhouettes.
Members and their gusts enjoy a great night at the social.
Take a peak at the work that Tom and Fred and the helpers had to face to 'repair' the playing room. Hopefully you can see what a major job it was and how ell they did! 
Exploration hole - to see what's wrong, exposing the broken support beam. 
What next? Fred considers the extent of the repair. 
Nearly done, as helper Keith adds a few reamianing tacks after craftsman Tom had fitted the new beams and floor boards.   
Fred and Keith survey what needs to be done.  
Getting there, the whole section had to be exposed and all beams replaced.   
And what do you do when the job's done? Have a nice ciup of tea of course! Colin and Keith two of the support crew, assisting Fred and Tom enjoy a well earned break. A fantastic job by all who were involved.   
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