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Club Information 

Club Constitution and Rules


Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club is a private members club. As such it has a Constitution, determined by its members, a Management Committee, properly audited accounts, and an Annual General Meeting for all members (usually held in the second or third week of May). The present Constitution of the Club is set out below.







1.       The name of the Club is to be the Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club




2.      The objects of the Club shall be to promote and encourage table tennis at competitive, recreational and coaching levels together with suitable social

          activities and to do all such things as may be incidental or conducive to these objectives.


2A.    The Club shall be affiliated to the Liverpool and District Table Tennis League.




3.         Ordinary Membership


          Any person wishing to participate in any of the activities detailed in paragraph 2 shall be eligible for membership on the conditions outlined in Paragraph



4          Conditions of Membership


           (i)     Any person wishing to become a member of the club must agree to abide by its terms and conditions; must provide the personal information

                   requested by the club in its membership application form; and pay the relevant membership fee determined under Rule 6.


           (ii)     All applications for membership shall be considered by the Committee appointed under Rule 7(ii), whose decision on membership shall be final.


            (iii)   All members of the club shall be entitled to vote in accordance with Rule 11.


            (iv)  Membership must be renewed annually by payment of the relevant fee. Failure to pay the fee on time shall automatically terminate membership.

5.         Honorary Membership

            The Committee may admit Honorary Members on such conditions and with such privileges as they may from time to time determine.

5A       Cessation of Membership

            (a)     If at any time the Committee believes it would be in the interests of the Club that a member should be asked to resign his

                     membership, a written notification to that effect should be sent to the member, who should be given a week in which to furnish any explanation of

                     his conduct that he may desire to the Committee. If on consideration of such explanation the Committee decide that membership shall cease, the

                     member should be formally notified as soon as possible of the decision and thereupon he shall cease to be a member.

            (b)     It shall be in the power of the Committee to exclude such member from the Club's premises until the Committee's final decision has been given.


6.         (i)         Yearly membership subscriptions, both the amount and time of payment, shall be determined by members at the Annual General Meeting.

            (ii)         Members shall also determine at the Annual General Meeting any fees to be paid by 'guests' to the club (which will not include members and

                         supporters of teams visiting the club to play in league matches); any additional fee to be paid by members wishing to play table tennis for the

                         club in the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League; and any match fee payable by an individual who acts as a 'reserve' for a Club team in the

                         L&DTTL without becoming a full member.

            (ii)        The Committee shall be empowered:-

                        (a)     to levy such additional subscriptions as may be considered necessary; and

                        (b)     to fix special subscriptions payable by members taking advantage of particular facilities specially provided.




7.         Annual General Meetings (AGM)


           (i)      The Annual General Meetings of the Club shall be held each year within two months of the close of the playing season as determined by the

                    Liverpool and District Table Tennis League.


                     The Agenda together with copies of the audited financial statement for the preceeding year shall be circulated to all members not later than 7

                     days before the date of the meeting, or


                     prominently displayed on a notice board in the clubroom for at least 14 days immediately prior to the meeting.


           (ii)     At the AGM there shall be elected from the ordinary members of the Club a Committee of Management which shall consist of:-

                   (a)     A President and Vice-President(s), (this is optional according to local conditions).

                   (b)     The Officers of the Committee, including in any case a Chairman, and honorary Secretary, and an honorary Treasurer and

                   (c)     a maximum of six other members.


           (iii)    An Auditor for the ensuing year shall be appointed at the AGM.


8.         Special General Meetings (SGM)


            A Special General Meeting of the Club shall be held whenever the Committee think it expedient or whenever three members, by individual demand in

            writing delivered to the Secretary, so request. Not less than 7 days' notice of any SGM shall be given.


9.         Committee of Management


           (i)      The business of the Club shall be managed by the Committee of Management, subject to any directions which may have been determined by

                    resolution at Annual or Special General Meeting.

           (ii)     Members of the Committee shall hold office from the date of appointment until the next AGM.

           (iii)    In case any member of the Committee shall resign or cease to act, the Committee (may) at any time appoint a person to fill the vacancy until the

                    next AGM.

           (iv)    The Committee may co-opt members of the Club, not exceeding three in number, for such period as they shall from time to time determine,

                     provided that all such co-opted members shall cease to hold office at the next AGM.

           (v)     Subject to the provisions of these Rules, the Committee shall have power to fix the date of its meetings and to make regulations regarding the

                     transaction of business at such meetings. A special meeting of the Committee shall be called at the direction of the Chairman or on receipt of a

                     written request from not less than three members of the Committee.

           (vi)    The Committee may from amongst its members appoint sub-committees to deal with such matters as may be referred to them by the Committee

                     in such manner as the Committee may decide.

           (vii)   The Committee or sub-committee may co-opt members of the Club to any sub-committee appointed under paragraph 9(vi) provided that the

                    number of co-opted members of any sub-committee shall not exceed one-third of that sub-committee.


10.       Quorum


            The quorum of a general committee meeting or of any sub-committee shall be one half of its members, rounded up to the next nearest whole number.


            The quorum of any Annual or Special General Meeting shall be 2 out of 3 of the Officers of the club (the Officers being the Chairman, Secretary &                    Treasurer) plus one-tenth of the remaining members of the club as at the date of the meeting, rounded up to the next nearest whole number.


11.       Voting


            (i)      Every member present at any AGM or SGM of the Club shall have one vote, and in the event of an equality of votes the then presiding officer

                     shall have an additional or casting vote.

            (ii)     Subject to the provisions of these rules, any resolution passed by a majority of members present and voting at any AGM or SGM of the Club or

                     at any meeting of the Committee or any sub-committee shall be deemed to be a decision of the Club or of the Committee or sub-committee.


12.       Secretary


            The Honorary Secretary shall cause adequate records to be kept of all proceedings at General Meetings of the Club and all proceedings of the

            Committee. He shall on all occasions in the execution of his office act under the direction of the Committee, and between meetings of the Committee,

            he shall be responsible for the conduct of the business of the Club in consultation with the Chairman.




13        (i)      The financial year of the Club shall end on 30th April each year.

            (ii)     All moneys received for, or on account of the Club, shall be paid to credit of the Club's Bank/Building Society account.

            (iii)    Cheques drawn on the Club's banking account will be signed by the Chairman or Treasurer and countersigned by one other member of the

                     Committee. A panel of signatories shall be given to the bank.

            (iv)    The Treasurer shall maintain accounts of all sums received and expended in a form to be approved by the Committee.

            (v)     The account of the Club shall be audited by the Auditor appointed under Rule 7(iii).


Other Matters


14.      Amendment of the Rules


            No new rule shall be made nor shall any rule be amended or rescinded unless:-

           (i)      Notice of proposed change shall have been given on the Agenda paper of an Annual or Special General Meeting.

           (ii)     The proposal shall have received the assent of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting thereon.


15.      Bye-laws


           The Committee shall have power to make such bye-laws as are not inconsistent with these rules to cover any matter arising in the management of the



16.      Surrender of books


          All officers of the Club who, under these rules, or in pursuance of these rules, have custody of any books, documents, records, property or moneys

          belonging to the Club shall, on request, surrender them to the Committee. They shall also at any time furnish them for inspection by Secretary (or



17.      Dissolution of the Club


          (i)      The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed at any Annual or Special General Meeting of the Club provided that:-

                  (a)     notice of such proposed resolution has been given in writing to all members of the Club not less than three weeks before the date of the


                  (b)     such resolution shall not be deemed to be passed unless it has received the assent of at least two-thirds of the members of the Club present

                           at the meeting and voting thereon.


         (ii)     In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain will become the property of Table Tennis England for the general benefit of the sport

                 of table tennis.


18.     Interpretation


          In any case of doubt as to the meaning of any rule or its applicability the Committee shall have power to decide the issue.



Revised Constitution as above dated 24 May 2023

Revised Constitution approved by AGM

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