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News Release - BSMTTC News 175
Dateline: 31 May 2024

What a surprise!

It had been a long evening! Well, business meetings can be a bit like that, and Thursday 30 May had been the Annual General Meeting of the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League, including presentations of divisional cups, as well as a number of individual awards. Several fairly complex proposed changes to League Rules had been debated and the evening seemed to be drawing to a close.


One more award 

Then, the League Chairman, Liam Shaw, announced there was one more award! To his great surprise, Club Secretary, Graham Turner, heard his name called, at which club member Andrew Armstrong, sitting alongside Graham, nudged him and said "it's you"! Without his hearing aids in, Graham was struggling to hear and understand what the Chairman was saying! Taken completely by surprise and totally overwhelmed, Graham found he was being awarded the Ken Armson Cup. This cup is awarded in memory of Ken Armson MBE, a long time and revered member of the LDTTL. The Cup is presented periodically to an individual or to a group of individuals who have, in the opinion of the League Management Committee, made an outstanding contribution to the game of table tennis. The Cup has only been awarded 3 times previously since it was introduced.

The Chairman explained that it was being awarded in recognition of the effort of the Club Secretary and Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club in promoting, encouraging and supporting local table tennis. The surprise on Graham's face had to be seen to be believed! What a tremendous honour and recognition of the progress the club has made.


Opposite, Club Secretary, Graham Turner, being presented with the Ken Armson Cup by LDTTL Vice Chairman, Paul Hutchings.

And below, Graham proudly shows the trophy at home!

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