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News Release - BSMTTC News 86
Dateline: 13 October 2018

Drama in Cup!

Like the International Break in the English Football League so it has been the Divisional Cup Break in the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League, with 5 of the Club's teams in action in Round 1 of the respective cup competitions. And there have been some terrific matches, one settled by just 3 points and another decided by just 2 points, they couldn't have been any closer!

here is a brief review of the weeks action.


Readman Cup (Division 1)

Let's start with what must surely have been one of the matches of the round, a scintillating encounter involving one of the League's top sides, Merseyside Police, against the new Bath Street Marine A Team. Captain Dermot Tierney was able to call up his top player Keith Williams for this match and introduce for the first time this season Steve Green, returning to the club after an absence of several years. In the end this match was decided by just 2 points after some top class table tennis, with Steve losing out 12:10 in the 5th to the home No.1 Jonathan Taylor in the deciding ninth set of the night. It couldn't have been any closer, but in truth the match slipped away in the very first set of the night when Keith Williams, using new glue on his bat, surprisingly lost out to Aaron Beech. It seems he just hadn't got used to the new surface. The match card tells its own story, a fabulous match.

Hyde Cup (Division 3)

The Division 3 Cup saw another really exciting, nerve tingling match between Merseyside Police and Bath Street Marine. This involved the Police C team playing the Marine D Team. With both teams bringing in young players for the match. Undoubtedly the youngest being 10 year old Luis Cheung-Turner for the Police. Even though the Police were the home side the match was played at Marine and this time decided by just 3 points. Having lost his opening set to Dave Stoddern, who was the man of the match for Marine, Luis fought back in his next two sets, setting up a grand stand finish when he pulled off the win of the night beating Ian McElwee over 5 ends. Ian then faced the home No.1 Ruben De Antonio in the decisive 9th set to determine who would stay in the competition. Ruben took the first two games but somehow it was Ian's turn to fight back taking the next 2 games 10;12 and 9:11, and so to the final game of the final set with Ian coming through 8:11 to give the Bath Street side the victory 4:5. Another fabulous match. 

In fact, the Club has 3 teams in the Division 3 Cup, and it was Dave Noden's high-flying C Team who started the week with a home tie against Cadwa A. This Cadwa line-up are always a tough team to play, but Dave and teammate Darren Taylor were on fire both taking 2 singles sets with seeming ease. Ted Cramsie weighed in with a win, after narrowly losing out to the visiting No.1, Ian Wensley, in his opening set. This gave the home side a convincing 5:1 win and a path into Round 2, where they will be joined by the D Team and also the B Team (who had a bye in Round 1).  

181011_Div1_BSM A_DivCup_232828.jpg
181011_BSM D_DivCup_DSC01267.JPG

Above Merseyside Police C Captain, Tom Purcell shakes hands with Bath Street Marine D Captain Ian McElwee before the start of the cup match. On the left the BSM players, Euan Mason, Ian & Dave Stoddern with the Police team of John Moore, Luis Cheung Turner and Ruben De Antonio. Below the match card which tells its own story of the night. 

181011_Div3_BSM D_DivCup_222916.jpg

On the left, Bath Street Marine D - Darren Taylor, Ted Cramsie and Dave Noden with their opponents Cadwa A,  Martin Latham, Ian Wensley (shaking hands with Dave) and Peter Wass. Two very competitive teams.

181009_BSM C_DivCup_DSC01261.JPG

Stamp Cup (Division 5)

Midweek was the turn of BSM F in Division 5 facing Greenbank C. Both teams new to the division and so any prediction was difficult. Captain Mark Benson having to bring in a substitute in the form of Bernard Cooney to replace the injured Steve McCormick.  Can't help but think that the visiting captain made a couple of strange calls in this match, giving the home side a slight advantage which they made the most of. It was the captain himself who put in the best performance of the night, fighting out two 5 game sets and winning both. Team No.1 Graham Turner narrowly took his two and Sunil Sapre added a win to give the home side a 5:2 victory. 


The club's second team in this division, BSM G, were the benefactors of a bye, giving them a place in Round 2 also.

Forrest Cup (Division 4)

The BSM E Team brought the week to a close with a home tie against Waterloo B, captained by the holder of the Ron Georgeson Handicap Trophy, Nathan Jago - just 14 years old. It was good to see 3 juniors appearing in this match. Nathan winning the two sets he appeared in for Waterloo and 14 year old Euan Mason winning both of his singles for BSM. BSM captain Andrew Armstrong was also forced to bring in a substitute, in the form of Graham Turner, due to the absence of team No.1 Peter Ashley. The good news here though was that playing at No.4 Graham was able to narrowly take his 2 singles to give the team all 4 sets at the bottom of the card. Andrew weighed in with an additional win to give the home side a 5:2 victory and a place in Round 2. Euan was the man-of-the-match for the home side winning both his singles 3 straight. A good team performance. 

181010_BSM F_DivCup_DSC01265.JPG

Above right, the members of Greenbank C; from the left, Peter Walsh (Senior), Tim Ainsworth, Ali Bruce and Ananda Maryon. With BSM F; Mark Benson (Captain), Bernard Cooney, Sunil Sapre and Graham Turner. 


And below , from the left, Waterloo B - Aidan Mooney, Tony McDonald, Nathan Jago and Geoff Metcalf. With BSM F; Andrew Armstrong (Captain), Euan Mason, Graham Turner and Keith Dudley. 

All pictures taken and used by consent of all involved.

181012_Div4_BSM E_DivCup_DSC01270.JPG
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