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News Release - BSMTTC News 128
Dateline: 23 October 2021

Cup Action!


The past week has seen the start of the respective Divisional Cup competitions in the Liverpool League. And to be honest, it hasn't been the most successful one for the club!

Just two teams were in action in Round 1, the 1st Team in the Division 1 Divisional Cup and at the other end of the spectrum the Junior D Team in the Division 5 Divisional Cup.

The irony was that both faced opponents from the same club, Crosby High TTC! And it was perhaps even more ironical that both fared similarly!


1st Team (Division 1 - The Readman Cup)


The team were without No.1 Keith Williams, who has picked up a slight injury to his heel, for their visit to Crosby High where they faced a very strong Junior team, featuring perhaps the league's strongest male player, Rhys Davies. Of the match, Marine Team Captain Dermot Tierney manged few words! "Not the best night"! However both Dermot and Colin Turner did at least manage to win 1 game each to avoid a complete whitewash. Nevertheless the Crosby team raced through the first 5 sets to record an emphatic 5:0 win and a place in Round 2. At least the team looked happy enough in our photo! 

BSM 1st_Cup.jpg

D Team Junior (Division 5 - The Stamp Cup)


The Junior team decided to drop team captain and No.1, Club Secretary, Graham Turner, for the visit of Crosby High D to Marine. The Crosby team featuring two former club members! This would allow the juniors to fully test themselves against very strong opponents for Division 5. And to be fair, they made a pretty good job of it against some very experienced and very tough opponents! With the match being played over 2 tables it started very well, ending all square after the first pair of matches. An excellent win by Ellis Parry over the visiting No.1, former club member, Tony Bramham, giving the home team a well deserved point. Luca Bonato tried his best to copy this in the next pair of matches, but was only able to take one end against the very hard hitting Harry Hobson. In the third pair of matches neither Henry Sinker nor Luca could quite match their opponents. Although Henry got very close against Tony Bramham, both he and Luca slipping 12:10 in their respective opening games. It just wasn't to be on the night, but hopefully the juniors will learn from their experience which will be able to help them when they face the team again in the League. And so it ended, 1:5 in favour of the visitors Crosby High D. Both teams feature in our pictures, and no prizes for spotting which is the junior team!


On the left, The Bath Street Marine D (Junior)Team of:
Ellis Parry, Luca Bonato, Daniel Duncan & Henry Sinker

And on the right:

The Crosby High D Team of:
Tony Bramham, Selwyn Goldthorpe, Peter Crichton & Harry Hobson.

And below, just a few extracts from some of the games, well worth seeing how well the junior players are doing against vastly more experienced seniors.

And in conclusion.......

The next round of the respective cup competitions will be in the week commencing 22 November, when the club will have 4 more teams in action..

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