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News Release - BSMTTC News 48
Dateline: 1 Sept 2016

Social is Booming!

As is customary, the day began with some table tennis with two tables in full use from about 10am. Oh that we had more tables.....or even space for more tables! But come midday, the bats are put away, the table cloths cover the tables and ping pong balls are replaced by sausage rolls, sandwiches and fairy cakes! With plenty of liquid refreshments available to wash down the party fayre. A rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday to You' followed a brief introduction and congratulation speach from Master of Ceremonies Colin Mitchell. Then down to the serious business of consuming the goodies carefully prepared by Club Welfare Officer Mary Delamere and her team.

It really is a great way to spend a morning, gentle exercise in a warm, inviting and friendly social atmosphere. No wonder this activity is growing. If you don't believe it, come and see for yourself!

Below you will find a short clip of Migs and her friends enjoying their day out.

Marine has seen phenomenal growth in social table tennis in recent times, with 4 mornings a week now being fully used for social and recreational table tennis play by the Club's 'niche' market of the 'more mature' adult. One of the factors that continues to attract new members is the way light exercise and sport is combined with a thriving social atmosphere. This is typified by the great party occasions that often mark those 'special' birthdays of members.


Wednesday 31 August was one such occasion with a great celebration to mark the special birthday of Margaret (Migs) Morris. Migs has been part of the social and recreational table tennis scene of the Club for sometime and enjoys sharing time and gentle sporting exercise with her friends at Marine.

Birthday girl, Migs Morris, celebrates her special birthday in style with friends at the Marine social table tennis session on Wednesday 31 August. Cards, cake, coffee and chat, what more could a girl want....apart from a game of table tennis of course!

Generally we save our picture competition until our end of year Newsletter, however the picture below was being shown at Migs party, and we thought you may like to share this little piece of nostalgia from some 40+ years ago. Taken in Crosby the picture includes two current lady members, both of whom were at Migs party. One is hard to spot, but she is the captain of one of our L&DTTL Teams, the other hasn't changed a bit! And can be seen in the clip above playing doubles. Can you name them?

Hi, I'm Mary

Hi, I'm Elaine

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