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News Release - BSMTTC News 124
Dateline: 21 July 2021

Getting back to business!


Thirty two club members attended the club Annual General Meeting at the club room on Tuesday 20 July. One of the highest turn-outs for some time. 

They were welcomed by Club Chairman, Bernard Cooney who outlined the way in which the meeting would proceed. The full minutes of the meeting can be found on the website under the tab 'Club Info' in line with the club's policy of transparency in making available to members details, as far as possible, of the matters discussed by and acted on by the Club Management Committee. All but one of the current members of the management team were present at the meeting.

Officers Reports

The meeting received reports from the Club Secretary, Graham Turner, reviewing what had happened over the past year, and from the Club Treasurer, Ian Brownrigg, who presented the audited accounts for the year ended 30 April 2021. Although the accounts showed a fairly healthy current position, this was in part at least due to a number of covid related grants that had been received. The grants had been made to help the club through the very difficult period of the corona virus pandemic and to help it get back on its feet again as it came through the pandemic. The Club now needed to ensure that it used the funds wisely investing in and supporting the local community back to action and activity in the post pandemic era.


The full reports can be found in the minutes and were unanimously accepted by members present.

Finance Resolutions

Two Resolutions were put before the meeting, the first proposing membership fees for the 2021/22 year, and the second recognizing the loyalty and support of members through the pandemic despite the fact that the club premises had been closed to adults for something like 8 months of the last financial year.

Both resolutions were fully endorsed and supported by members present and thus carried unanimously.

Appointment of Officers and General Committee

The existing Officers, Chairman Bernard Cooney, Secretary Graham Turner and Tresurer Ian Brownrigg, were all unanimously re-elected unopposed. 6 members were elected to the General Committee, these were: Lesley Blanchard, Jenny Givens, Keith Hardman, Dave Noden, Ray O'Leary and Keith Williams. All Officers and general committee members serve for 1 year only, but can stand for re-election.


It was further agreed that the club should have a separate group to look at and decide upon the club's participation in the Liverpool League for the forthcoming season.

The Chairman also recommended to the meeting that current honorary President, Billy Clayton, should remain in that post and continue to hold it for the future as long as he is able. Again this was unanimously endorsed.


Above, the members of the Management Committee face the meeting! From the left: Jenny Givens, lesley Blanchard, Keith Hardman, Ian Brownrigg, Bernard Cooney, Keith Williams and Dave Noden.

Below members at the meeting.


Meeting Highlight


One of the highlights of the meeting was when long-serving member, Tom Bell, was nominated to be appointed a Life Member. Due to personal circumstances Tommy is not able to play as much table tennis as he used to. However his contribution in helping the club maintain and improve the fabric of its building over the years has been immeasurable. It was also his efforts that helped the club get over the line in acquiring its new building, by introducing the club to potential sponsors whose support enabled the club to complete the building purchase debt free. Committee members Lesley Blanchard and Jenny Givens presented Tom with a small gift for his services together with a bouquet of flowers for his wife Joan. It is fair to say Tom was somewhat overwhelmed by the fuss!


Looking Forward


The Secretary advised the meeting that he believed the club had the potential for an even brighter future, as it moved forward out of the corona virus restrictions. It was ideally placed to invest in the local community as it returned to action and activity, and to demonstarte that table tennis truly is a sport for all and for all ages.

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