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News Release - BSMTTC News 114
Dateline: 19 September 2020

Covid Secure Sport for All! 


The Government having announced enhanced corona virus lockdown measures for Merseyside, sports clubs, such as Bath Street Marine, operating in a covid secure manner will be able to continue to function for table tennis play. No social gatherings are permitted. 

This is great news, and emphasizes how important it is that we all follow the covid rules.  

Normally at this time of the year the Club's players would be launching into the first weeks of the Liverpool & District Table Tennis League, however this year the league is on hold until at least January 2021 as a result of the corona virus impact.

To provide our players with a real chance to prepare for the return to league play, the Marine Mini League will launch this week, following Table Tennis England guidance for Return to Play. The MML will be an internal mini league for the club's lower division players, and one or two newcomers joining us. 6 teams will do battle over 10 weeks playing short format competitive matches, in a covid secure manner.

With a real mixture of teams and players it is difficult to make predictions, but we are going to anyway!! Just for fun of course!

The top ranked team in the competition will arguable be Andy's Army, captained by Andrew Armstrong. With a squad of experienced players, who competed well in Div 4 of LDTTL last season, they will be hard to beat; but if they are unable to field their strongest line-up each week there could be a chance for other teams to match them. Especially in a competition where every game won will count. Challenging them all the way could be McCormick's Mavericks, captained by Steve McCormick. They will include in their line-up Stephen Rees, joining the club for the first time having been out of table tennis for a few seasons. Although it may take a few weeks for Stephen to find his feet he previously played at Div 3 level in LDTTL and will make the Mavericks also hard to beat!

It is going to be a close run thing I think for 3rd spot! But I'm going to stick with the order the teams appear in the mini league constitution! So, third place may go to McGing's Marauders, captained by Steve McGing. This team also feature a new member to the club, Peter Crichton. Peter who plays at Maghull in the LDTTL is one of those players who has made tremendous strides of improvement in the last 12 months, but he will find himself up against some tough opponents. Nevertheless, this team will pick up points in every match making them a good solid bet! They will be closely pursued by Sam's Starters. Again featuring a new member to the club, Sam Pierce. Sam has also been out of action for a while with University life and studies taking precedence, but at his peak he was a very strong left-hander who would have held his own at Div 2 standard in LDTTL. He will be supported by two fast improving juniors, Henry & Keiron. Another team who can expect to take points all round. 

The final two teams are Mason's United and Hardman's Heroes. United will also feature junior players and may need a captain's innings from Club Secretary, Graham Turner to secure points. But Graham will face some very strong challenges from the other team No.1's. Points might therefore be difficult to secure. The same may apply to the Heroes. With no obvious No.1 they will also have to rely on the fact that every game will count in the mini league and secure points where they can. It could be tough for both of these teams!


Weekly updates will be posted on this site, just follow the 'League' tab to find all the details of the MML.


The only down side is that spectators will not unfortunately be allowed (unless they are looking after junior players). But do follow the teams fortunes on our website and social media pages.  

SteveMcCormick2 (2).jpg

Above and below, the captains of the teams competing in the MML. From the top -

A very serious looking Andrew Armstrong.

Arriving for action, Steve McCormick with a new look team.

Let's see if practice pays off for Steve McGing

Improving juniors Henry Sinker and Keiron McEvoy could be the key for Sam's Starters.

Club Secretary Graham Turner will have his work cut out for Mason's United.

And can Keith Hardman lead his heroes to glory.....??

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