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News Release - BSMTTC News 31
Dateline: 10 October 2015

New season new venture. 


The start of the new table tennis season has also seen the start of two exciting new ventures for the Club. First, in partnership with St Mary's School, Crosby, the Club is now involved in helping to deliver an after school table tennis activity for pupils of the school. Second, the Club, in partnership with Crosby High Table Tennis Club is operating two teams in the newly formed Liverpool & District Table Tennis League's Junior Development Division. These are significant developments in table tennis for juniors for the Club. Club Chairman, Fred Bainbridge, said, "we are really excited about these developments which represent the first significant involvement in junior table tennis by the Club for many years".   

Junior Development Division


The Junior Development Division is a new venture being pilotted by the L&DTTL to provide competitive table tennis for young players not yet ready to play in the normal league competition. Devised by the Merseyside Police and Waterloo table tennis clubs, the initial division was opened to just 4 clubs, Merseyside Police, Waterloo, Deyes High School, and Crosby High Table Tennis Clubs. However Bath Street Marine TTC has joined forces with Crosby High to provide players and management to operate 2 of the teams in the JDD initially under the banner of Crosby High. Juniors from Bath Street are included in the team under the name Crosby High A. A video clip published by the L&DTTL showing pictures and action from the first day of the JDD can be seen in the panel opposite.  In the first round of matches the club's team were represented by Louie Cooper, Jack Savage and Ethan Mills the youngest team in the competition averaging under 9 years of age. Jack even managed to get his picture in the Liverpool Echo! In the second round of matches on Monday 5 October the club's team was represented by Euan & Finn Mason (the grandchilren of club member Des Logan) and Christopher Moustka from Crosby High. It's a great competition for young players and it is also great for the Club to be involved in it. Des and his wife were among the spectators proudly watching the second round of matches  played at Merchant Taylors School. "It was a great night", said Des, "I was so proud of our players, they showed an excellent attitude and a great competitive spirit throughout the evening in a very tough encounter with slightly older boys from Deyes High School".

Bath Street - St Mary's


Working with the school PE teacher, Mr Jon Armstrong, Club Social Secretary Colin Mitchell along with Ian McElwee and Graham Turner have organised for the school to bring a small group of children from the school to Marine for an after school table tennis club on Monday afternoonns. Although play is restricted to just 2 tables the venture has started really well with between 8 - 10 children attending each week since the launch of the project. Combining fun, teaching and training and supported by the school staff the activity seems to have been a hit with the pupils attending.

The Crosby High A team for the 1st Round of JDD matches (22 Sept 2015). From left to right, Jack Savage, Louie Cooper and Ethan Mills (all of Crosby High TTC).

(Picture courtesy of Roly Wright - TT Digest)

The Crosby High A team for the 2nd Round of JDD matches

(5 October 2015). From left to right, Finn Mason, Euan Mason (both of Bath St TTC) and Christopher Moustka (Crosby High TTC).

Picture courtesy of Roly Wright - TT Digest

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