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News Release - BSMTTC News 164
Dateline: 18 November 2023

In the News!

It was great to welcome a young reporter to Marine recently (Tuesday 14 November). Here is the report he produced on the Division 1 match between Bath Street Marine A and Maghull A. Wouldn't it be great to have reports like this every week!

A Clean Sweep - by Ifan Jones

Bath Street Marine A win sends them second in Liverpool Winter League Division One.


Bath Street Marine A have beaten Maghull A 10-0 to put them second in the Liverpool Table Tennis Winter League Division One.


The trio of Lawrence Kenwright, Matthew Wilson and Samuel Pierce put together a strong performance that gave them a third successive win in a row, giving them real momentum as we head towards December.


The home side, Bath Street Marine A, entered the match hopeful of building on a solid start to the season, fourth in the table having already had tough fixtures against high-flying Crosby High and Merseyside Police.


Maghull A had come off the back of a convincing 8-2 win over Maghull which put them right in the mix of things in midtable.


Kenwright managed to beat Jordan Pippet in straight sets in the first match and showed great agility to dictate play and he put the hosts ahead.


Bath Street Marine A came out quickly as Wilson and Pierce continued their bright start giving them a 3- 0 lead.


Pierce’s technical serve gave his opponent, Michael Stewart, great difficulties in the second game and he put in a real standout performance throughout the night.


The best set of the night was the fifth between Kenwright and Courtney and both were sharp, which made for a competitive game. Courtney won the first game with a mix of powerful shots and backhand, but Kenwright fought back to narrowly win the second which gave him the platform to go on and win that set.


Maghull A’s frustration grew as we headed into the last few games – although Pippet continued to battle and gave Wilson a good challenge earning a round of applause after winning a game-clinching rally. But it was Wilson victorious and later Kenwright closed the last set off with a win over Stewart.


Wilson said: “I thought Sam played pretty well; services were great as usual. There are not many people that can cope with his service so that always gets him out of trouble if he needs it. Lawrence and I were fairly mediocre tonight, we didn’t really get going but we did enough.”


He was also hopeful that his side can fight near the upper half of the table. “If we can come top four, that would be a really good season. The top two or three teams are very strong, although we have beaten one of them this year already but fourth would be a decent performance,” he added.


Above: The BSM A Team, Lawrence Kenwright, Matt Wilson & Sam Pierce. 

And below: The Maghull A Team, Michael Stewart, Jordan Pippet & Luke Courtney.

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