On re-opening the Club for adults from Monday 17 May 2021 following the latest 'lockdown' caused by the Corona Virus a booking system will apply for all play.

For the time being we are not allowed to hold any 'open' general sessions. So all play will be by way of booking only. In other words there can be no play at the club without a confirmed booking.

There will be 2 ways of booking.

1. Advanced bookings (up to 7 days in advance, but not less than 24hrs) can be made online. The advantage of this is that it will show you the available slots and you will get an email confirmation (so do make sure you give your email when booking). 

2. Bookings can also be made using our dedicated telephone booking line. This line is for bookings only.

Before making a booking please check and take note of the terms and conditions of booking set out below. These will apply to all members.

If you do not have a playing partner, don't be put off. Contact our dedicated booking line and we will do our best to find a playing partner for you if that is possible. We strongly recommend that you do not book until a playing partner has been arranged, and we suggest you try to arrange a playing partner yourself so that you are sure of who you will be playing with. We also strongly recommend that you do not turn up without a known playing partner as we would not want you to have a wasted journey. If you are in any doubt, contact the Club Secretary.

Terms and Conditions of Booking


1 All bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions of booking; and the terms and conditions of membership of the club.


2. All members and users of our facilities are asked to take note of these terms and conditions and to ensure that they keep to this guidance.

3. Please note that for the safety and security of all, CCTV will be in use at the club at all times.

4. Our premises have been carefully prepared for re-opening, and you will notice some new signs and advice. Please follow the advice to keep our premises safe and Covid Compliant. If you are a keyholder you will be able to let yourself into the club from 17 May 2021, but all of the covid compliance rules must still be followed, including maintaining the diary referred to at 7 below.

5. You should not come to the club if you have any symptoms of Covid19, or if you are under a shielding notice advising that you stay at home.


6. The clubroom will be open from 10am until 6pm each day, including weekends. Evenings and weekends will also be used for play in the Marine Mini League and the Club Tournament. We will keep this under review and the situation may change further as and when covid restrictions are further eased and until we can get back to allowing 24-hour access.

7. All bookings will be recorded in a booking diary which will record your name and contact phone number – these should both be clearly given when making a booking. On arrival you must ensure that the name and contact number of every member of your party is recorded in the booking diary. This information is required for the NHS Track & Trace system.

8. Each booking will be for a maximum of a 1-hour slot. That time includes preparation to play, and any necessary clean down afterwards. You should not enter the clubroom before your appointed time, and you must leave by the appointed end time. This will enable the maximum number of people possible to play, and ensure appropriate social distancing is maintained.

9. Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance, but not less than 24hrs in advance. Only 1 booking per day will be allowed initially. There will not be any back to back slots. But some flexibility will be allowed if there is no immediate booking following. If you cannot keep a booking please let us know, or cancel it online or by telephone.

10. Please wear a face covering when entering the clubroom, and when not playing. Please use the materials provided to wash your hands.

11. Please use your own equipment if possible. If you do use any club equipment please wipe down before and after use. There will be balls available, including balls of different colours if each player prefers to handle only their own ball. Again, please wipe down any ball used before and after play.

12. Only singles play is permitted, and players need not change ends between games. 

13. There will be 3 tables available for play, one of which uses the robot. For a session the players present will form a 'bubble', which means interchange between tables is permitted.  

14. A maximum of 2 people per table may be in the room at any one time. There may also be a club official managing bookings and use. You may play with any individual booked in for the same session.  Please arrange your playing partner in advance of attending, and both names should be recorded in making a booking.

15. Social distancing should, as far as possible, be maintained at all times.

16. The kitchen may be used - with social distancing, but individuals are encouraged to bring their own drinks if they wish. If club refreshments are used, please wash up any equipment used and place a contribution (minimum 50p) in the container provided. 

17. The toilet will be in use. Supplies of sanitizer will be available for all users. We expect every user to adopt the highest standards in health and hygiene matters when using these facilities.

18. If individuals wish to use face coverings or gloves whilst in the building, then they should provide their own. You are advised to also use a face covering when arriving at the venue and when not playing.

19. Members are asked to take all personal equipment and any rubbish with them when they leave the premises.

20. Everyone who plays table tennis at the Club should have a Table Tennis England Membership. There are 2 basic categories for the year 2021/22; the first is "Club Play" and it covers anyone playing only at the club. The second is "Compete" and is a requirement for anyone playing league table tennis. Full details and prices can be found from the TTE website where you can also obtain or renew your membership. Speak to the Club Secretary if you have any doubts.  

21. If following a visit to the Club that person or a member of that persons household becomes unwell or experiences any symptoms that may be Covid, they should follow the relevant Government guidelines, and also they must advise the Club. They should not return to the club until it is safe to do so and any quarantine period is complete.

22. Above all we want every member to stay safe and help us do all we can to operate in a Covid Compliant way.

We are sorry it is necessary to have this restrictive process, but it is essential to our future that we operate in a way that is Covid Compliant.

We thank you for your support, ask for your patience, and hope that you will do all you can to help us come through this pandemic and emerge from it with a growing, vital and dynamic club that is an asset for the whole community