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News Release - BSMTTC News 35
Dateline: 21 November 2015

It's a Knockout

The Liverpool & District Table Tennis League's Divisional Cup competitions have not proved to be fertile ground for the Club's nine league teams this year. All of whom have taken part in the respective divisional competitions.


In the first round of matches seven teams were in action and a report on their efforts is dated 17 October 2015, just 1 of the seven teams survived the 1st Round. That team together with the 2 that had received a 'bye' through Round 1 were in action this week in Round 2. Below is an account of how they got on.


The Readman Cup


Although the Club started with 3 teams in the Readman Cup, the Division 1 Divisional Cup, only 1 survived the first round, the 1st Team, as a result of a 'bye'. In Round 2 they were drawn away to the newly formed Waterloo 1st Team, staring Keith Williams. A team whose entry into the top division just days before the start of the seaspn was, some might say, somewhat controversial and unusual.


The 1st Team also faced this match without their team captain and leading player Ken Jackson. Dave Roberts however stepped in as a very able subsitute. Things started very well, with the visitors matching their illustrious opponents set for set over the first six sets to see the match level at 3:3. By this time however the visitors had used up all of the sets of the Waterloo weaker third player, so would need to take a set from 1 of the top two Waterloo players, including Keith Williams, if they wished to get through to the semi-final. Tony Kendall gave it a real good go, taking Keith to 5 games and Fred Bainbridge also took a game off Keith. However the overall task proved just too much leaving Waterloo the victors 5:3. Nevertheless a very creditable effort against a strong side. We'll predict now, that Waterloo will not win this competition.

The Rumjahn Cup


Having led his team to a convincing win in Round 1 of the Division 2 Divisional Cup (the Rumjahn Cup) Acting Captain for that match, Sam Pierce, discovered on the day before the Round 2 match that he was in fact cup tied, and thus inelligible to play. A rather obscure League Rule relating to Cup Competitions made him inelligible to play because he had acted as a substitue in league matches for higher ranked teams more than 4 times. So by helping others and thus acting in the Club's interests Sam found that he was perversely not eligible to play for his own team in the Cup! A very strange rule indeed. Worse was to follow, on the day of the match the team's leading player Julian Quirk telephoned in unwell and unable to play. Captain Ted Cramsie therefore had to call in two last minute substitutions to fulfil the fixture. Fortunately Colin Mitchell and Dave Noden agreed to play. This make shift team however proved no match for Crosby High B, a team with whom they had already had a very close league match with the full squad available and playing, and fell to a convincing 5:0 defeat.


The D Team, captain Dave Stoddern, Rob Peat and Colin Mitchell, were also in action in Round 2 of the Cup. In fact they were the first to play on the Monday night. Another tough encounter with high flying East Wavertree. On the night the team just didn't get it together, even Rob Peat who has been the bedrock of the team so far this season, having a dry night. You can see a copy of the score card to the left, the team also going down 5:0.    

Better luck next year


So it is an early bath for the Bath Street teams in the respective Divisional Cup competitions this year. A slightly disappointing end, but all teams have played their part, and there is always next season to look forward to.....



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