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News Release - BSMTTC News 117
Dateline: 17 December 2020

Big Brother!


As part of our drive to keep all members and guests as safe as possible whilst at the table tennis club in these really difficult days of the corona virus pandemic, we have taken the step of installing a new CCTV device.

There is no need to be alarmed! The new device will help in two ways:-

1. First and foremost it will help keep all visitors safe.

2. It will enable us to allow more freedom of access to the building, helping us to keep the facilities open more and enabling members to gain access directly using their key.

This is what we ask of members:-

a. respect the building and facilities at all times. Make sure you clean down after use, that any rubbish is properly binned, and that when you leave the building is secure, lights off, door locked and alarm on, if you are the last person to leave.

b. keep to the special covid compliance rules. Book your session in advance, only play singles, when you visit the hall record your name and visit time in the visitor diary (essential), maintain a safe distance apart.

So that we can extend opening times, after Christmas members will be able to come to the hall at any time and let themselves in using their key. If you do not have a key contact our property manager, Keith Hardman (see contacts). You will still need to book and you must record your visit in the visitor diary in the hall. This record is compulsory as part of our 'track and trace' obligations. But by allowing this greater freedom we hope it will be possible to allow some longer sessions, providing there are no other bookings, and providing the rules are kept.

We want to ask all members to help the management team get our club on the move again. Help us, to help you!

The pictures show what the new equipment looks like. It will be colour blended with the surrounding walls after Christmas!.

For now, 'smile'! You may be on candid camera!!


The new equipment - with its own special housing built by our very own Tommy Bell. It will help us all stay safe/ 

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