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We wish you a Merry Christmas.....

For me this song usually starts in my play list around the end of November, and occurs at least 4 or more times every week up to Christmas. And the amazing thing is, I never tire of it!

For many however, 2023 will not be a 'Merry Christmas' or even a happy Christmas. With that in mind we, along with many of you I suspect, have selected only 'charity' Christmas cards this year, with the aim of doing even a little to support organisations who try to make Christmas a little happier for some.

We are so fortunate in this country, despite our occasional moans and groans! And when I see the camaraderie that exists amongst the members of our great table tennis club, I am even more humbled.

I hope you would agree that ours is an 'inclusive' table tennis club, where all are welcomed regardless of who they are or what their circumstances. Why, because table tennis is an inclusive sport, for all!

Our table tennis club has grown so much in recent years and I think that for the first time, I cannot put a face to every name on our members register - or is that just because I am getting a little older and a trifle forgetful....? Whatever, I am glad we have grown that our doors are open to new people and that we continue to provide a very vibrant brand of sport for people of every age.

My hope is that 2024 will continue in this same vein.

For now, I would like to wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. My Christmas card to you all is below, and I am only sorry that I cannot send a personal card to each and every one of you.

Thank you for sharing in the life of our table tennis club and for making it a place where people want to be.


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