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The Day I met Mo Salah....

Here's one for all the Everton fans amongst our members! The day I met Mo Salah...... well at least it looks that way from the picture! It started me thinking again about our members and their interests other than table tennis? For several I know that they are very passionate about football, some are even foolish enough to buy an Everton season ticket! Way back in 2016 when we first started using this 'blog' spot for occasional items about our club and its members I recall a previous correspondent looking at the wider interests of our members - aside from table tennis! So, I thought maybe it is time to look again! The thought was prompted by my 'meeting' Mo Salah!

It reminded me of something else I had seen recently involving our members! A number of our members enjoy walking and can often be found enjoying the local heritage walks with Marine in the Community. Maybe you spotted this group picture from member, Sue Young. Taken recently on a beautiful, clear, frosty morning.

The interesting thing about this group is that not only do they enjoy walking, but nearly all of them I think (apart from 2) are now regularly playing competitive table tennis, for the first time, with the club in the new North Liverpool 2 x 2 Table Tennis League. A new offering, designed specifically for those playing 'social' table tennis who have not ventured into the main local league (either Liverpool or Southport). That has been a really bold venture giving new table tennis players a taste of competitive play in a short format match (just 5 sets) lasting around one and a quarter hours. Sure, playing in the Mini League is not like meeting Mo Salah, but the players do have a really good time and make new friends along the way. A bit like this group of walkers - you can see from their faces that they are having a great time on a frosty morning, and I'm sure enjoyed warming coffee and cake after the walk!

The point I guess I'm getting at is that the members of our table tennis club have a very wide range of interests. Some play bridge, some scrabble, some like travel, some play bowls or watch football. But all have a love for table tennis too!

Maybe you would like to share with us a picture or two showing the 'other' pursuits that interest you.... I've seen quite a lot of different ideas from members Facebook accounts..... do send them along, and perhaps we can together make a new kaleidoscope of interests to show just what a diverse group of people we are, brought together by a common love of a great sport, table tennis!


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