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Summer's here!

So, what do you do when the balmy, hot days of summer are here? Rush to the beach? Dip in the pool, journey afar for a holiday? Maybe all of these, or maybe none! If you are in the North West of England, then maybe recently you've spent time dodging the showers!

The main table tennis season has come to an end, but - surprise, surprise, play has not been abandoned for the summer! Indeed at Bath Street Marine TTC play is definitely going on!

It has been an ideal time for some 'friendly' match play. it helps to keep the eye in, and gives new or emerging players a chance to test themselves before the season begins. And this summer two highlights have been friendly matches with players from Maghull/Lydiate table tennis centre and some from Marine. The first match, just a few weeks ago, featured largely 'social' players and new or emerging players - and on the night the Maghull/Lydiate squad proved the stronger of the two sides. This week another, very mixed group, met for a second match. Well, actually 3 matches - played simultaneously! Nine players from each club divided into 3 teams, with each team playing 9 sets of singles, each match being 3 games.

The first of the 3 matches featured two very strong teams, James Haskell, Keith Dudley & Dave Aimson for BSM and Michael Owens, Ned Hassan and John Dixon for Maghull/Lydiate. There was some really top class play in this match and some very close games. The score line shows just how close - 15 - 12 in favour of the BSM side, with James & Dave narrowly winning all 3 of their sets.

The second match was a totally different affair. Looking at it before it started it seemed there was little to choose between the two sides; Sue Young, Stuart Reid & Ellis Haskell for BSM and Joe Finn, Pat Merry and Tommy Crumbleholme for Maghull/Lydiate. But in this one, nothing at all went the way of the mariners! A totslly convincing win for the visitors 4 - 23.

The third match gave an opportunity for juniors, with both sides fielding new and emerging players. Scott French, Kai Morgan & Myles Ambrose for BSM and Owen Miller, Adwin George and Aldrin George for Maghull/Lydiate. It was great to see some really good play from all of the juniors. And there were some very close games, with the Maghull/Lydiate boys keeping their nerve a little better than the home side. The final score here 9:18 in favour of the juniors from Maghull/Lydiate.

What a great way to spend a balmy summer evening! The hall full of table tennis players, and spectators too.

Here are the two teams. The first picture is the BSM players, and the second picture the visitors from Maghull/Lydiate.


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