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Something old, something new......

Words normally associated with weddings! But for today, used in a much wider sense! There is nothing new about coaching table tennis - probably since the sport began there have been people teaching others how to play it! But it is always great when there is a new expression of coaching, a new initiative. Because it shows that the sport is continuing to develop!

The great news at Marine has been the 'start up' of a new expression of coaching. Newly qualified session coach, Dave Aimson, has begun at Marine an introductory 5 week course of 'adult coaching', aimed primarily at mature adults relatively new to table tennis and with limited or no experience of competitive or league table tennis. And the interesting thing is that it has been primarily 'more mature' adults who are trying something new!

Here's the group:

I wonder what you notice about it? There are loads of things that could be said in answer to this, I'll let you fill in the answers. What did interest me in general was the feedback from those who took part in the first series of sessions. Here's a few quotes:

"I've really enjoyed the sessions. Learned a lot and I'm sure it's improved my game. We've had some laughs along the way too."

"I would just like to thank Dave and Ian for giving up their time for table tennis coaching, they both make it so enjoyable. I feel that we are slowly improving but it's going to take some time before we make the first team methinks!"

"It's been very enjoyable. Thank you for your time and patience"

Without exception every piece of feedback has been of a similar vein! The course has been free to club members.

The conclusion, surely, is that you are never too old to learn! And what a great sport to take up and start learning!

Here are a few more pictures from the sessions. Already the next series of sessions is being planned!


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