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Truly a sport for all!

There is no doubt that table tennis is truly a sport for all!

At the grand age of 89 our Club President, Billy Clayton who now lives in Nazareth House in Crosby, was able to visit our new home today, for the first time since it was opened in 2019.

Not only that, but Billy was also able to show some of his old magic at the table! No matter that his mobility isn't quite as good as it used to be; as the facilities are fully accessible he was able to drive straight up to the table in his trusty chariot to demonstrate his skill!

What a remarkable occasion. Billy was delighted to see the facilities and marveled at how far the club has come. He was also able to introduce a potential new junior to the art of scoring!

We are most grateful to club member Dave Noden who was able to facilitate this brief visit.

Billy has been a loyal and highly respected member of our club for such a long term; and over the years has encouraged many on their table tennis journey. He is living proof that this remarkable sport can bring a lifetime of enjoyment for all ages and abilities.

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