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Summer is Here!

July, and normally by now all would be quiet on the table tennis front! The previous season ended, players enjoying a well earned break, and families looking forward to their summer holiday! Indeed, this time last year, somewhere in this bay in Gran Canaria, is me! Enjoying the sunshine and dipping my toes in a beautiful clear, warm, Atlantic ocean!

What a difference a year makes! 2020 seems to have so far been a disaster almost from the start! My spring trip to Portugal - cancelled! My Easter holidays spent in lockdown. Summer holiday to Valencia - cancelled! A very special wedding anniversary celebration event - cancelled! My autumn trip to Oberammergau for the Passion Plays which only come around once every 10 years - postponed for 2 years! Can it get any worse? Yes, no indoor table tennis since the middle of March!!

What a crazy year it has been so far! Be that as it may, due to the fantastic loyalty of our members I am convinced that as a club we shall come through this difficult period, and we can go forward even stronger.

Signs are beginning to emerge that we are coming through the pandemic. Sure, corona virus has not gone away. But, by continuing to move forward cautiously, applying some good common sense, adopting high standards of health and hygiene and following the Government guidelines we are confident that it will not be long now before we can re-start playing. The Clubroom is nearly ready for our return. That damage to the internal wall has been repaired, and a new coat of paint is being applied next week. Necessary hygiene supplies have been obtained and relevant signs are ready to be displayed. We just need the re-start date..........

We are even planning for the next table tennis season, whenever it starts! And in this respect, we are hopeful that it will be possible to again have 9 teams in the Liverpool League. Any one interested in league table tennis for the club should speak to the club secretary now, especially if they have not played in competitive table tennis before. There is always room for more!

Maybe there are times when things get cancelled, or changed. Guess that is just part of life. But we have a great club and the potential for a really bright future. It won't be too long I'm sure before summer is here........

And by the way. If you have had a trip or an event cancelled this year, maybe you would like to share a picture in our Facebook page following this post.......???


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