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'It's Only a Game'

Have you ever had this expression said to you, 'it's only a game'? Maybe it is true that table tennis is a game, but is it 'only' a game? The views of others are, of course, always welcome. However, permit me to put forward a few thoughts. Here at Bath Street Marine TTC for some table tennis provides a much needed means of social interaction; for others it is about being with friends; to some it is the only means by which they obtain healthy exercise as part of healthy living; for some it provides the challenge of mental stimulation. For those who play the game regularly it has become part of a lifestyle. Only a game.....? I don't think so!

You only have to listen in to a game of table tennis sometimes to realize the passion involved. Watch, and you will sometimes witness the frustration, the exasperation and even occasionally the disappointment. It is a game that can involve almost the full range of emotions as well as physical strength, agility and mental energy. The hand, eye coordination needed when a small ball is moving at speed and with spin can be immense, the game needs real skill to be played well.

Oh, and I'll just throw in one more thing! life can sometimes be stressful. If ever you need to de-stress go and play table tennis. Maybe on your own for this one! Get a small bucket of table tennis balls. Bounce a ball on the table and hit it as hard as you can onto the other half of the table! Then repeat with the rest of the balls from the bucket! My it does wonders for reducing stress or frustration!

Maybe table tennis is only a game, but this correspondent says it can be so much more! Not only can be, but is so much more. We warmly welcome you at Marine to come and find out for yourself.

Just to try and illustrate the point about the range of emotions and actions involved in table tennis, here are just a few pictures of some of our regular club members. Perhaps you would like to suggest what their facial expressions show........??

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