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Fun Doubles!

At last we have started on the 'roadmap' to return to playing table tennis. Recently on our social media page we were reminiscing on the fact that during the period of restrictions caused by the corona virus pandemic it has not been possible to play doubles. At this moment in time we are still uncertain about the way forward for doubles. Yet doubles is such fun, as we have found in our club tournament, where one of the events is called the 'Fun Doubles'. The winners of that trophy were featured on our Facebook page just a few weeks ago. Playing together as a pair can be hilarious! It also raises so many different concepts. Working together, the strength of two compared to one, the need for good communication, the need to take account of others strengths and weaknesses. Doubles brings out so many important 'life' factors! Personally, I love doubles! Not sure that some of those who have been asked to play with me would necessarily share that view!

In a match, the doubles can be key games. It is possible to lose all singles to the opposition and yet gain a consolation prize through winning the doubles. The doubles can become a deciding factor in a match, or the key turning game, or the difference between a win and maximum points. But I know, that some would say exactly the opposite and suggest that playing 1 set of doubles in a 3-a-side match is a waste of time! On the other hand, 2 sets of doubles in a 4-a-side match can be crucial!

Whatever your point of view, my opinion is unbowed! I think doubles can be great fun! Just as they have proved to be in our club tournament! This topic was brought to my mind when master photographer, Ray Hibbs, an occasional player for our club, shared with me some new pictures from a league match in the 2019/20 season, one of which was a particularly good picture from the doubles match of the night. So, I have been trawling through the archives and share with you this week a collection of pictures of club 'pairs' over recent years! They range from Men's Doubles champions, through to club tournament misfits! You will see some very unlikely pairings here! Keep a careful eye out, because you never know who you might see in this short film! Enjoy - and remember, table tennis is a game best enjoyed with others. Doubles typifies that!

Happy Easter everyone!


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