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Disappointment v Hope

I can't tell you how disappointed I was when our great club had to announce, on the 3 October, another closure due to the corona virus pandemic. When we received the advice of Table Tennis England on Friday 2 October, following the announcement of enhanced lockdown restrictions for the Merseyside area, that over 18’s can only take part in indoor sport or physical activity when playing with someone from their own household or support bubble, and that clubs in one of the affected areas should not host sessions for anyone over the age of 18, unless they are from the same household or support bubble, I simply couldn't believe it. The guidance effectively meant that we would have to close our doors, as administratively it would just be too complex to manage all the systems and processes necessary to cater for our few exceptions to this rule! Yet table tennis for our juniors, in small bubbles, is able to continue!

As a TTE affiliated club we had no choice but to follow the guidance. It is essential that everyone plays their part in trying to get this virus under control, and out of our community. Nevertheless, I cannot hide just how disappointed I was. Especially because as a club we had taken so many precautions to operate safely and to keep our members as safe and healthy as possible.

We had only just started the Marine Mini League too. 2 weeks of keen competition with some excellent hard fought games and close run matches - seemingly enjoyed by all who had taken part - brought to a sudden halt! Ouch!

I sense that some of our members felt this sense of disappointment too! At least judging by the 'flack' that seemed to come my way that weekend! I knew no harm was meant, people were feeling just the same as me - disappointed and frustrated! I could tell you other stories too of the impact this latest closure had on some, but confidentiality and discretion must prevail in that!

It's even worse when you don't know how long the enhanced restrictions will last! Making it hard to plan.

The fact is, it is just the way things are in 2020. In many ways we might as well write this year off! But hey, life goes on, and despite this pandemic for the vast majority of the members of our club, life is good!

So I say, however disappointed or frustrated you may be feeling that your table tennis club has closed again, there remains hope. And I say hope will always outweigh disappointment and frustration!

This is a time when we all need to pull together to see us through. This is a time for looking forward. As soon as the current enhanced restrictions end we shall be ready to re-open. We shall relaunch the MML, even if we have to trim it down a little. And, we are now getting ready to launch our annual Club Tournament, for the Ron Georgeson Memorial Handicap Trophy - you can see the trophy below! Full details of the tournament are on the website under the tab 'League'. Come on, get your entry in, this is an event for every member whatever your standard. It is a real chance to play, and perhaps to meet members of the club that you may not otherwise see!

I've said this many times before! Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club, is a great club! We have a terrific membership, a first class club house, and a great social programme as well as so many opportunities to enjoy this wonderful game of table tennis. Let's all work together to get through this dark period and with that hope, anything is indeed possible!

Below, here's a couple of pictures for you!

First - the Ron Georgeson Memorial Handicap Trophy - join in and play for it!

Then I feature one of our junior members, Eleanor Sinker. In the week leading up to the new closure, Eleanor played her first match in the MML winning 4 out of 7 games played, a very good performance. Maybe she is feeling a little disappointed at not being able to play again at the moment.......

The MML has provided an opportunity to introduce 3 new members to our club, Peter Crichton, Stephen Rees and Sam Pierce. I've mentioned them before. Maybe they are feeling frustrated that just as they begin playing at Marine, the door seems to close....... be assured it will open again!


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