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A story worth telling

In keeping with modern trends I wondered if this year I should share with you a podcast, or a video message - like youngsters using TikTok do - but in the end I decided to stick to the simple means of writing! Like a good story, writing seems to have a permanence about it. People like stories. There is something about a story that we can immerse ourselves in, imagine ourselves in, relate to. And good stories are told over and over again, mostly because the story has a purpose and by repeating the story it ensures it is not forgotten. If you have ever read a good story to a small child you will know that quite often they like to go back to that same story time and time again, because a good story bears repeating. And gradually they get to know every word of the story.

A good story that is worth repeating is the story of Bath Street Marine Table Tennis Club. A story of following a dream, a story of loyalty and commitment, of friendship and service by faithful volunteers. Almost a rags to riches story - not that our club is wealthy, but one can be rich in more ways than money!

It really is a pleasure to tell the story of this great club again this Christmastime. The past year has been a funny one in many ways. There has been the re-building necessary following from the effects of the covid pandemic and lock down. There has been more fabulous growth in both our adult and junior membership. An expansion in the amount of junior coaching time that the club is now providing. A growth in daytime social table tennis where some gentle, healthy exercise and meeting up with friends old and new over a cup of tea and a chat enhances the wellbeing of so many. We have been able to take some table tennis into schools, and have school students come to our club for a table tennis session. We have been able to increase our participation in the Liverpool League providing an avenue for competitive play for those that want it. Then there have been tremendous social occasions, with great entertainment and great company. Who wouldn't want to tell a story like this!

I like to think that the Christmas story is another story that is worth repeating. Not the Victorian story of Santa, Christmas trees and presents, rather the story depicted by my Christmas card to you all below.